2002 WR426, Carb valve seat removal ??

I working on a bike that has been in storage for 2+ years, so I'm starting with the carb(bike ran fine when put away PO said), then I'll check all the other goodies(valves, plug, spark, etc.)

I got the carb off the bike, and I dropped the bowl. When removing the float, I noticed that the needle valve was stuck in the valve seat. After some solvent, and time I was able to remove, much black sledge had glued the valve in place, typical with evaporating gas.

The valve seat is also stuck, the valve seat isn't round, and has some flat sides, does it need to be unscrewed to remove?? Drawings I've seen are not really clear. Some images look like there is threads on the seat, another drawing looks like it's held in place with an O-ring. I haven't tried to muscle anything--- YET.(lol)

Any Ideas?

Looking at other threads here, it looks like from 2003 on, the seat is pressed in, and older models have an o-ring and maybe a washer and nut holding it in under the screen. I really don't want to try to pluck out the screen with a pick until I'm sure how it comes out. I don't think carb cleaner and compressed air will get out the black sledge.

I'm debating dunking the lower half of the carb below the TPS, just to make sure I get rid of all the varnish. Before I dip, I need to make sure I have all the o-rings out, and figure out the valve seat issue. I'll disassemble before the dunk.



The 98-02 carbs had the valve seat secured in place with the head of a Philips head screw. The '03 and up carbs have the seat pressed in and it appears to be a non-serviceable item. If your carb is indeed an 02, then in addition to the screw securing the seat in place, there is also an o-ring sealing the valve seat to the carb body. The seat typically pops out with a little persuasion; however, that o-ring could very well have deteriorated and is holding up the show. You may have to bite the bullet and take a pair of needle nose pliers to it, and then just spring for a new seat/valve assembly. Try www.sudco.com for replacement parts - much cheaper than OEM.

Thanks for the post.

My carb has the screw that holds in the Seat. I was thinking that there was another screw under the screen, but the seat was being held in with the o-ring and black tar left by the old gas.

I let it sit over night soaking in breakfree, and by grabbing the seat with some nylon teasers, and rocking the seat back and forth, I was able to lift it out without damage.

I'll get the carb back in the bike this PM, and I have a youngster coming over to kick it for a while. :thinking:

Thanks for the help.

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