How do you guys like the 07's?

Hey guys, my dealer has an 07 450 on the floor for under 4k. I am looking for a track bike as my KX is set up for woods. Plus im a bike addict... i can never have enough. I am looking to spend my tax return on this so think I should go with the 07 YZ450? Or get a second 08 KX450 for 5k??

I love mine. I did a few mods for trails, but it seems to be a good bike where ever you ride it.

I love my '07 for MX, its fun on the fast trails and has had zero mechanical problems.

it depends on how serious you wanna get with it. I have an 06 and the only thing that irritates me the tendency of the front wheel to not want to turn. It feels like the the front end has a mind of its own and does not submit to the rider.

Buy it! For under 4k you cant go wrong. It takes very little setup to make these bikes turn well. I have my yz setup for woods, but i still thrash around on the mx tracks from time to time. Overall, its a great bike:thumbsup:

I picked up my 07 for $3900,less than 20 hours on her.Its my first thumper but I love it and I was a die hard Honda man.Plenty of balls,and i feel really comfortable on it,turns nice I think.Go for it!!

i love my 07.. dont have alot of mods done to mine and its killer.. just get the suspension done and add a exhaust after u get used to the power.. u will love it.. owe dump the front tire.. get something that works.

i love love LOVE my 07, people always complain about it not turning but well i'm not an expert on the track but i learned to turn via powersliding and this bike can certainly do that. i say get it.

nothing can top a yamaha :thinking:

My personall opinion after spending the last 2 years with mine is this could very well be the last bike I will ever need. The thing I find SO perfect with my '07 is the smooth RIDABLE power. Anyone can make a spanky fast holeshot 450, but it's ALWAYS the "consistant rabbit" that wins the overall race.....

I get holeshotted by my buddies modded 05' CRF450 frequently BUT, he gets tired EVERY time, and simply can't hang on for 15 min moto. He start getting squirrley every time later in the moto, so all I gotta do is ride smart, stay with him, and wait for his mistake....

I do wish my '07 had a tad more cornering, but I far prefer the '07's high speed stability. I've learned to just time the corners just right, and somewhat "back the rear end" into the corners if I can...

As for my engine, not one single issue after some jetting tweaks it's butt reliable (I even beat my '07 out on the ice all winter as well! )

I don't think there is a better "do all" 450 chassis out there IMO than an '07 YZ450F !

I loved mine and have an 08 now.

the one i want and am pickin up, comes with a full ice setup too. and i had a 426 so im used to havin to pin the gas through the turns just to make sure it wont wash out. and as for power, im not too worried about havin to get used to it, my 08 KX450 is far from stock :thinking:

oh ya, did i mention its white! gotta love the special edition.

I sold my '03 YZ450F for an '07 YZ450F SE and absolutely love it. The difference between the bikes is like night and day. Once you get the suspension setup for your weight and riding style, it corners great. The best mod I added was a Scott's steering stabilizer. If you can get an '07 YZ450F for under $4k, that is a great deal. Go for it!

Get the 07 yz450f its an awesome bike and that is a killer price>

it is exactly 4k, but thats a good price wince it comes with ice tires/wheels, stands(3), tools, and lots of misc spare parts.

I purchased my 2007 in october of 2006 and its been a great bike. Adjusted the valves after about 10 hours and just checked them again at the 30 hour mark and they are perfect. My bike starts first or second kick and runs great. If you don't want the 2009 get the 2007 they didn't change much and it sounds like a great deal.

Not too crazy about mine. It's turns like crap. I've spending way too much time working getting it to turn better by playing with the race sag and raising the fork tubes.

I've had mine for two years and really like it. My two bikes before this one were Hondas. If your not in good shape and dont know how to ride the yzf turning will bother you. You really have to stay in the attack position over the bars to keep weight on the front wheel. I try and keep the balls of my feet on the pegs even when sitting and it forces me to sit more forward.On my Honda's I could be a little more lazy, but its not that big a problem.

My '07's been great. I bought it in Sept. '06 and have a ton of hours on it racing hare scrambles and enduros with no problems what so ever. I got tired of checking the valves every 20 hours since they never needed adjusting. All I have is a big tank, Rekluse Pro and a full FMF 4.1 w/Power bomb header. Oh and almost every guard available for it.

my 07's never let me down

They feel alot lighter than a kxf450. I paid 4800.00 OTD for mine last spring and have no regrets.

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