Glue residue removal

That's true....our graphics are 8mil. Just pointing out, that MEK is toxic through the skin. I used to practically bathe in the stuff, until I found out it was a death sentence.

I too used MEK and Benzine for all my parts cleaning, for the last 24 years; stopped about 6 years ago. I still use MEK for goo-removal. I now find that I don't wear hand protection, even Gasoline makes me 'hit the wall' stamina wise in about 3 hours. Probably oz's of crap in my fat cells, and my liver must look like a clogged waste treatment plant.

I hear ya, Bro. At least we're still riding, right?

I hear ya, Bro. At least we're still riding, right?


Benzine! Can you even buy that anymore in Cali? It's a proven carcinogen, and MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), has been banned for use by the military.:banana:

The stupid Australian Defence Force still use it but in commercial aircraft maintenance it has been banned. If you stick your finger in it (not recommended) I think its about 7 or so seconds and it can be detected on your breath. Bad shit. I was using it the other day.

use laqurer thinnner, but this will dull ur plastics but any kinda of wax will polish it back up to normal or if not better.

gas, acetone, paint thinner, just about any lubercant (prolong, wd-40 ect.)

what i have found that works the best is this stuff called gunk remover. i have even used it on my truck and it does not hurt the paint. just incase you wanted to take the emblems off your truck. it looks better in my opinion.

"Xtreme Goo Gone" in the red/black spray can. The orange Goo Gone is not as good.

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