yzf400 exhaust question

hi i have a 1998 yzf400 with intake and exhaust cams, filter, jetted, and a FMF Power Core 4 silencer. its faster than every bike i ride with but i still want more power. i was looking into getting a head pipe, any suggestions? will it be worth the money i will spend? or would it be a waste? thanks, sorry if its a repost

hey bro i was in ure position i did alot of open riding and thrived for more my cr500 is EXACTLEY what i was looking for , at times i miss my old 400 it was a great bike , but a head pipe wont do much at all ,i had a short head pipe which is better for more topend power, the drd headpipe are more for low end grunt.

i do a mix between riding track and trails, i have heaerd that head pipes do alot and i have heard they dont do much wasnt sure which was true, thanks

i wouldnt really spend the money on it. how is it geared?

The power now added alot more bottem end to my 98yz400f! worth every penny:thumbsup:

i am still running stock gearing, should i change that? and since a head pipe wont do much is there anything else that you know of that would give me more horse power thanks

Im run a 14-50 combo and works well in the woods and on the track, does give you more bottem!

alright, i will probably do that soon, it needs sprockets any way, after i finish putting the top end back together. thanks.

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