gonna get crap from this


ya do it !!!! then when they get mad race em and smoke em!!!!!!

No body cares GO FOR IT

what are u asking

i tryed searching but couldnt find anything...

i want to put a number plate on my 06WR450 but i dont care for the YZ style. i was thinking maybe ktm number plate? its just so rad looking!

i doubt most people would even notice . it would probably look good .

how about the ktm with chrome spray paint?:thinking:

i was asking if a ktm number plate would mount up to a wr, so i dont go wasting $25

is it that hard to comprehend?

your original wording wasn't very clear , I'm pretty sure most people thought you were asking if its blasphemy .

i don't see why it wouldn't fit , forks are pretty much forks . you might have to do a little bit of mods or zip tie it on . I don't believe anyone has tried this before .

you could go to a ktm dealer and look at the bike and see how it mounts , if it looks similar go for it .

or you could go on for 5-10 times the time necessary to complete the chore in discussing the merits or sheer possibility of it,,, or not. If you think it will look cool then do it. and post a picture,, i'm curious what it would look like.

I'll answer your question, but agree you have been very unclear!

The KTM plate will not bolt up, there is a single bolt that holds the number plate in the center near the top of the plate. In addition, the fender has two posts that hold the bottom of the plate.

No body cares GO FOR IT

or don't.

we just don't care.

im sure that it will look pretty good. but you might need to take zip tie 101 to get it to fit right!

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