Rear Fender Bracing?

I am installing a dual sport kit on my 2008YZ450F. Will the rear fender support the tail light and tag holder assembly. I am using the UFO tail and turn signal assembly. I will not be riding the bike on an mx track. Just street and fire roads. I am concerned it will shake considerably when the bike is running. Should I fab an inner fender brace under the plastic, or can I purchase a different rear fender to support the extra weight?

I just pmed you. Yah, don't jump the bike (with the BAJA kit anyhow) because I broke about 4 turn signals. The lenses broke(the amber ones anyhow,not LED) and then the light would come off the stalk. This was over a tripple on my CRF450 wtih a little dirt/mud attached to the rear fender. Of course, I still practiced on it like it was my mototcross bike! Other than that , they hold up ok. Don't be concerned about the bobbing of the rear fender. It is ok.

Thanks for the input. Come to think of it my Drz 400sm rear fender shook the edge tag a tail pretty good.

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