Zerks on the suspension linkage?

Is there any reason why I cannot add zerk fittings to my rear suspension linkage (99 dub-r)? Suzuki did a great job with the DRZ 400 in that respect. Tearing about the rear linkage every 2-3 months for greasing is very time consuming. Thoughts?

I was thinking the same thing, did a search and noticed where one guy carefully measured the spacing between the two bearings on each side and drilled to install fitting. He said clearance was close but it worked on swingarm. I don't know about doing it on the linkage connections though. FYI I just took mine apart to grease for first time (I have had the bike about 1 year and ride 2x each month - all day rides). Despite other posts I found some grease in each bearing, it was not dry or excessively worn in any area. I packed with more grease and reasembled. Steering head bearings were dry when I did them about 3 months ago.


Been there done that. My girlfriend has a suzy DR250 which I has a similar linkage setup to the DR400. While stripping and cleaning the linkage and swingarm on her DR and my '98 WR400 it occured to me to install grease zerks on my bike as well. (The DR's bearings were mint after 10000 km, some of mine were rooted from water damage, jet wash maybe, after 2500 km). Yamaha have gone half way through the manufacturing process for installing zerks and maybe some of the parts are common to other models which may be fitted with zerks but, big but, the WR parts were hardened before the required additional drilling threading and turning operations were performed. After doing the aditional work I decided the whole process wasn't worth the effort and I would have been better off stripping and repacking the bearings every few months. Also, the seals and bearing collars have a different configuration compared to the DR and were not designed to cope with internal grease pressure. The seals are displaced when pumping grease in and this can't be good. I reversed some seals to allow grease to escape. My advice, don't bother. Strip and repack every now and then.

There was a rather lengthy discussion on this on another thread recently. The concensus was that trying to Zerk fit the YZ's and WR's would probably be a dud due to the design. Personally, disassembling the linkages and pivot points twice a year is something I simply accept as neccessary. Besides, I like the idea of doing a thorough examination of these components and knowing that everything is properly greased, reassembled, and torqued properly. There just is no substitute for meticulousness. My neighbor across the street does 4-wheeler work as a side job. He has a Honda Recon that has been abused and negelect enough to make me want to throw up. Some people just ride their machines until the break and then turn them over to a mechanic to be repaired so they can go out and abuse and neglect them again. Oh well, it's their money and I know not to buy a used bike from them.

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