Getting a 2000 WR400 this week ?

Hey all im gettin a wr400 200 model this week and wondering if you guys have any pointers or performance tips for me :)

Hey, good to see you found a bike, well done. If it's stock, you have plenty to keep you busy, if it's set up for the bush, you should already have the basics. Get a bashplate if it hasn't got one, frame guards, lose the airbox lid, YZ needle, YZ muffler, re-jet to suit, etc, etc, etc. Really depends on how far you want to go with mod's, also what sort of riding you do? Whatever you do, you love it, good luck with it, Chris. :)

Me Too!!!! It's pretty well done up with the engine mods, but lacks in frame gaurds, skid plate and other trail protection type stuff. I'd appreciate any suggestions or ideas you come across.

thanks, trailridertim

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