2001 Husky Boy 50 Jr.

I've recently been given one of these bikes, and am kind of in limbo on what to do. I have no literature on it, no service manual, no owner's manual, and definitely no idea on where to start on the rebuild. It'll be my boy's next bike, once he grows into it.

Anyone w/ a lead for a service manual would be greatly appreciated in pointing me in a general direction.


Ask your local Husky dealer(or halls-cycles.com) and order part number XH-248700 for the owners manual .It should be about 7or8 bucks.The Husky Boy Junior had the Franco Morini SG/GS motor...which was the same as the Senior model S5/GS with the exception of it had the Dell'Orto PHVA 14 carb and the standard head w/gasket.The Senior motor had a PHBG 19 carb and a slightly higher compression head w/ an o'ring seal.There are sources for this motor...try www.morinifrancousa.com or www.motomx.com for motor parts.Be sure to use the S5/GS model for engine parts and remember you have the 14mm carb,but you can get more top end with the 19mm.

You have a few options ,so check around.

Good luck with your son's new ride!:thinking:

:smirk: Guscycle

thanks alot, and I'll be sure to check out all my options.

I've found a shop here in Houston that actually has told me that since the engines from these and some older KTM's are essentially the same - they can use alot of the same parts. I'll be looking for that service manual first and foremost though, as I don't want to crack anything open w/o knowing first - how to put it back together. lol...

What's great about that little engine is that there's not much to them,but they have alot of potential.Be sure to invest in proper pullers for the clutch, flywheel and gear.Replace the trans oil FREQUENTLY,especially if racing and have fun on it!

Have a good week,

:thinking: Guscycle

Don't bother with Hall's, I tried two weeks ago. They said no to any owners or parts manual for the husky boy's. I just hope they will take back the junk Dennis Stubblefield MP50 flywheel puller they sold me.(oversize threads). Ended up getting a flywheel puller off Ebay. Who makes a good puller for the clutch?

Try giving Dean a call/ E-MAIL at R&D www.r1dean.com ...man has built alot of awesome mini motors,especially the FrancoMorini ,has the Dominator clutch for that bike ...worlds better than stock for racing.

I wonder why Hall's can't get the owners manual?.It is a good part number,I had ordered it from my friend who has a Husky shop in N.J. a couple years ago.Maybe it's out of print.I'll check around to see if I can find 1.

Have a good day,

:thumbsup: Guscycle

tried em, no dice.

I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy......someone somewhere is wanting me to just nut-up and buy a newer bike. But I refuse!!!!!!!!!!

BTW: thx for the help on this Guscycle.

Damn ,its hard to believe its only been 2 years and some of the companies I had used for my sons Husky 50 are out of business or just don't deal with them anymore.A company here in Florida called Action North America still has a web site with links to other mini stuff...try www.50ccmotocross.com .The site has referance to www.motomx.com and www.morinifrancousa.com as I stated earlier. The LEM was also another mini m/x'r that had these engines in them. I looked in my old 2001 parts book and it list tools for the engine as well.A husky dealer should be able to order them 'cause they had been made at least for the Euro market up to last year by Husqvarna's race team managers shop....CH Racing's Fabrizzio Azzalin (spelling?). Another company I used was A&R Trading (Artco Inc.)in Spartanburg South Carolina 800-582-1858 which according to the phone message is now IDC.They were selling Morini parts and pullers back in '06.

I sure hope this gets you somewhere....and I'm sure there's got to be more companies in the US!

Good Luck for your searches and have a good day,

:thumbsup: Guscycle

Well, you seem to be the most knowledgeable I've found on this so far. and I really appreciate the info and help you've shown. Mind me asking though, what special tools is the service manual calling for? Mind posting some, if not all, of them so I can at least get the search for those started? I can rebuild just about anything w/ the shop at my disposal, but he doesn't specialize in mini's, nor does he work on them enough to buy these tools just to sit around. I, on the other hand, have a sudden need for them....as you can tell.

Thanks again, and have a great day !

It appears by looking at CH Racings site that they are using the newer generation motors that were originally on Husky's L/C 50. I'm still looking for the other companies I did business with for the Mini,but I'm good at filing things away and never being able to find them when I need them:bonk: !

The only special tools you should need is the flywheel puller(the one from Husky was #EM-140501),the gear/clutch puller (Husky # EM-140558, or you can use a small slotted puller that allows the use of 2 long 6mm bolts to anchor into the pre-drilled/tapped gear or the pre-drilled/tapped clutch boss. There were other tools like seal installers,sleeves to slide the seal on the shaft w/out damage and a flywheel holder.

OOPS! Gotta go to my 2nd job..catch up with you later!

Best of luck,

:thumbsup: Guscycle

call bills MC in Salem Oregon...... they know alot about them

I emailed Bills already, and haven't heard anything from them in a few days. guess I could try and call them to see what's up.



Were you able to get ahold of Bill's MC Plus ?

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