XR650L Reliability mods for LONG distance

I am buying a '95 XR650L today, and putting it on a boat for Argentina this week. The planis to ride it home to Colorado taking as little pavement as possible. I'm not familiar with this bike.

What needs to be done? What breaks, What falls off? What will ruin my day in the jungle?

Planned mods so far are tires, suspension (lower and stiffer), supertrapp, jetting, K&N air, Scotts oil, luggage.

I'm hanging a fair bit of weight ff the bac. Do I need to beef up the subframe? Where? (I can weld)

Any sugestions would be appreciated.


The back of the 650L is built like a skyscraper, I doubt you'll have any problems hanging suff off the back of it, as long as you leave the jumps to a minimum. I'd remove the emissions on it, and definately go with a bigger tank. As far as what breaks the most, on mine it's the turn signals :). Hopefully you won't have the same problem. As far as welding, look around, I'm sure you can find a spot on all that steel sticking out over the swingarm. I run drape saddlebags with internal frames on my LD runs. My farthest run was from El Paso to Yuma, and I had no complaints. Happy Trails.

i rode a xr650l from washington state to colorado and back with about 30% of the trip being off pavement. and then rode the bike again for another two years before selling it. i'm personally a big fan when it comes to adventure touring to leave the bike in stock condition save for the tank and any suspension mods. chances are the stock stuff is gonna last longer and if it does break your odds are better getting it fixed locally. obviously you have thought through all of this since you are a week out from your trip. so really all i have to say is have fun and you made a good choice with the bike.


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