2002 wr466 any good?

may be trading for an 02 wr426f. anything specific i should look for? how was this year in terms of performance? thanks

may be trading for an 02 wr426f. anything specific i should look for? how was this year in terms of performance? thanks

I just rode mine today. The performance is outstanding. If you can start it, it's a killer machine - IMO. The only thing I'd like to see improved is the braking capability.

PS> Also, you have to take off the plastic and the seat to change the airfilter.

I have never had any trouble with mine. It has more power than most people need. Mine looks and runs like a yz nowadays. If it has the stock wr tank and seat combo, swap it out for a yz seat and tank or aftermarket big tank and yz seat. They are heavy compared to modern 450s but that makes it extremely stable at high speeds.

You can change the air filter by removing just the seat, no plastics need to come off.

Starting is very easy, anyone who says that starting these with a manual decomp. lever is hard must not know what they are doing. They are reliable and darn neer bulletproof if maintained properly.

I've had mine for about a year now. After owning and riding a lot of other bikes, this one is by far my favorite. Takes a little time to get it modded to fit your needs but well worth the time. Once you learn how to start it, it is a breeze.

I also love mine. Once I figured out the starting routine, it's been a breeze. Great power, climbs like a tractor and pretty comfortable for long rides.

I just cleaned my air filter today and only took the seat off to do it. Probably the only real PITA is changing the oil. I'm too cheap to buy the fancy doohicky and just use cardboard.

Yep me too. Cardboard works great for changing oil.

I have a pretty long list of bikes I have owned:

1969 Z50 Honda

1970 SL70 Honda

1972 SL125 Honda

1973 CB350T Honda

1973 XR75 Honda

1974 TL125 Honda

1976 RD350 Yamaha

1977 RD400 Yamaha

1985 XL350R Honda

1987 TT350 Yamaha

1994 DR250 Suzuki

1994 XR250L Honda

1995 DR350 Suzuki

1995 K1100 BMW

1995 GSXR600 Suzuki

1996 XR400 Honda

1997 XR400 Honda

1998 YZ400 Yamaha

1998 WR400 Yamaha

2002 WR426 Yamaha

2002 XR650R Honda

2005 FZ6 Yamaha

2006 WR450 Yamaha

2006 TE510 Husqvarna

I'm sure I am forgetting a few however in my stable right now is a street legal 2002 WR426F. One kick even cold with the choke on (black knob) and a primer kick or two with the decompression lever pulled in. I suppose that would technically be three kicks but I still love this bike more so than any other when it comes to riding off road. The WR is supposed to be my "beater bike" but I take good care of it as I do all my other bikes and it has been very reliable, never failed me.

Bottom line is for the money my WR426 is the best bike I have ever had and I will never sell it...








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