'04 YZ450 carb problem

My bike has been sitting for several monts because I much prefer another bike. I couldn't start it so after check for great spark I inspected jets and found crud caked on, as expected from sitting. I cleaned up all but the pilot, replacing that one. I cleaned the entire carb inside and out with Simple Green and it looks great--I didn't realize the interior was so gunky!

In pulling the slide out I did not remove the screw on the top of those little arms with rollers, I removed the stop screw on the side of the body and lifted hard on the arms to remove the slide. Now the accelerator pump arm binds up with the lobes behind the cable wheel, causing the throttle to stick at near full open. If I adjust the acceleration pump screw all the way in that helps, but it is still sticky out at full throttle. Might I have damaged the plastic lobe for the acceleration pump? Any other ideas what may have caused this new problem? Otherwise the carb now works very well and the bike starts great.:thinking:

If the AP linkage is binding, that's most likely where the problem is. Double check the assembly with the exploded views. It could be as simple as a linkage rod hooked in from the wrong side of a hole, or something.

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