WR 400 rear brake

I've a bit of a problem, but i'l tell you about that later, my WR i wearing out a set of rear brakes pads in about an hour or so, i've done all the normal stuff including taking the whole system to bits i found a blocked whole in the master sylinder and thought YES i've cracked it went out on Sunday and wore out another set of pads...i'm stuck can anyone suggest what i need to do to sort this problen out ?

Someone suggested putting springs between the pads ! or thought i may be resting my boot against the brake lever causing the brake to be on all the time.


There are several reasons you could be wearing out pads so fast.

Yes, dragging your foot on the brake lever would tend to wear them out quickly. Also, if you found something blocking the fluid in your line you might need to do a complete brake fluid flush. (this wont ever hurt!)

First off, I found out that EBC brake pads wear faster than any other pad on the market. So if your using EBC then thats step one.

When your bike is on a stand can you spin the rear wheel freely or is there drag? It should drag just a bit from the pads reasting on the rotor but they should not be applying any pressure to the rotor.

Have you ever wore your pads down so far that you ran the metal on metal? If so, then this may be the cause the new pads are wearing so fast.

Also, if you ride in severly muddy conditions that will wear brakes out very quickly.

There are several variables, so shoot us some more info and mabye we can help you out. :)

Just had the same problem with new pads on my WR250F which made the outer part of rear disk start turning blue from EXTREME heat. The brake pin looked OK but its tough to tell so I put a new brake pin and the problem is solved. The bent brake pin jammed the brake pad nearest the caliper. The new pads will be tight and seem to "stick" or drag more, but will get better with some time. This was my situation and might help out.

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