450 in Oklahoma?

Has anyone got their 450 yet in Okla? I mean actually "hands on". I keep hearing "its in the warehouse" or "in transit" but no dealer has yet to receive one.

I got mine from K & N at Sapulpa a week ago last Thursday. Took it to Stillwater last Tuesday and broke it in, then flogged it. It's neat. I love the suspension and the motor is amazing. The over 50 button worried me because the first few times I rode it, it didn't want to start. 'Course it was below 20 degrees both of those times. Since then it hasn't been a problem. I haven't sheared any keys and my clutch works well and doesn't make any noise.

Im still waiting on mine from Sehorn Yamaha in Shawnee. Im first on the list they say. And they say it is in the warehouse also??? Im in sand springs what about you??

I got THE CALL at 3 this afternoon that mine was ready to be picked up. Got it a Ray Fine's. It's now in my den getting ready to be ridden. M4 exhaust, YZ rear fender & front number plate, grey wire, throttle stop, protaper bars and upper triple, rejet carb, S12 tires. I'm so wound up I can't sleep! Dickosaurus do race OCCRA? If so, what class? I'm over 40 intermediate.

Yeah. I'm in Sand Springs also. Well, west of SS on Keystone. The folks at K & N told me that they had 2 more coming in but weren't sure when they would arrive.

Yamaokie- Nope I don't race OCCRA but all of my riding buddies do. I keep threatening to but so far haven't. It's a good series.

I picked mine up on Tuesday. Sorry it took so long to reply but ive been having too much fun since then. The bike is amazing!!! Dickosaurus, where do you ride in Sand Springs or around that area. Im from okc and dont really know a lot of areas here.

I ride at Gruber and Stillwater and, to a lesser degree this past year, at Appalachia Bay. I live about 5 miles from Appalachia but I don't go unless I can get out there at daylight, ride for an hour or 2, then get the hell out. It gets awfully congested after about 9 or so. I'm a member of the Tulsa Trail Riders and we're close to closing on 1720 acres about 100 mi south of here. Sometime in the next year we hope to get it opened as a "day use, daily fee orv area". It's a cool place.

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