for ou colorado guys or gals

at what yamaha dealer have you had good luck buying a bike????

I've bought my last 4 from Apex in COS.

I have a buddy who swears by Vickery in Denver.

I've heard good things about Colorado Powersports in Castle Rock.

Best prices I found were at TNT motorsports in Laramie

For KTMs you can go to and request a dealer quote from any dealer that is interested in selling you a bike. A buddy picked up a 2002 520EXC for $6799, which was over $1000 less than the local dealer wanted. The bike arrived in a big box and required my friend to mount the front wheel and bars. I priced a 2002 400EXC and got a quote for $5600, which is a great deal! Does anyone know if there is something similiar for Yamahas?

I have had absolutly great luck at Vickery Motorsports in Aurora. The salesmen get to the point of the best price they can offer. The parts department usually has what I need and the help there knows what I'm talking about when I'm working on something.

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