Muffler Insert

i looked in the yamaha website under didnt show anything, i'm going to check at my dealer on tuesday , and see if the know anything about it.

RonO I see no reason why this insert would not work on any stock WR exhaust from 98 to 03. They all have the same end opening with the one bolt fastener. :)

Looks like the perfect solution to me. At $39.95 it's a bargain. It's all good. :)

sounds better than the $100 baja designs insert.

If someone gets one, can you post a picture of it not installed. I just want to see the size of it, maybe I can get it into my thunder alley. Thanks.

I called my dealer and he didn't have this part. He contacted Yamaha to get more information and was told that it will be available after February 26th. $39.95. He was not able to verify ratings for the insert (sound levels) but was able to confirm that this will fit the WR250, WR426 and WR450 models.

I called my dealer yesterday and using that part number ordered the insert....... 2 hours later they called me back and told me the part was on back order with NO date as to when it will be available. I told them "Fine, leave it ordered, I want one."


On another note...I emailed Mike Hobbs, the writer of the article regarding the muffler insert and this is what he had to say about it:

I only got to ride the WR250 under the watchful eye of Yamaha and my

estimation is with the insert it was about 93db. Very quiet but made good

power. Without it probably around 97db, of course I didn't have a meter to

test the sound levels.

Mike Hobbs

Isn't the stock insert rated somewhere around 92db?

I called the dealer yesterday and placed an order, even though he didn't have the part number in the system. Guess, we will have to wait and see.


I just got off the phone with Bardwells. There order screen showed it was available now. (Thursday PM, 2/13).

So maybe they are starting to show up.

I ordered one for the Wr Muffler I use from time to time when I want to be quieter.

As others have said before, please post a picture and short comment on how quiet it is and if you notice a power loss.

I was about to buy a Vortip but if this does the trick, I'll buy one as well.



It's about damn time Yamaha solved this problem! I may go back to the stcok exhaust again. The endcap on my FMF muffler has to be re-riveted after every few rides and it's a pain in the butt.

As vtcyclist stated earlier, these muffler inserts are now available. I contacted my local dealer and they're available from Yamaha's California warehouse. $39.95 + tax. I ordered one and it should be here next week. I hope they do a good job reducing noise without sacrificing too much performance. :)

Let us know your results after you receive it !



The rumor I heard is that the GYTR guys were working on an insert to meet the 96 dB limits here in CA.

That might be it.

This is a great looking insert at a great price. If it lowers sound levels effectively it must be very technical. I say that because a vortip with a ninety degree down turn and smaller? opening will probably get you to 94 to 97 on a WR450, and much of that comes from the downturn.

Has anyone actually tried the Baja Designs insert?

with a price tag of $100......i wont be. :)

I would have purchased the Baja Designs baffle but read about the GYT insert before I ordered it. At $40, you can't really go too wrong with it (GYT insert) especially if it brings the noise levels down to at least 96db (which they say it will.)

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