Muffler Insert

I just ordered mine for $39.95. Cant wait to see what the dropoff is in power??

Oregon Power Sports called this afternoon and told me that my muffler insert has come in, also my 72 starter jet. I will try to get someone to take a digital picture and maybe he can post it for me... We'll try anyway.


I did buy the Baja Designs insert and it is very nice. It sounds great and seals very well. It has two o-ring seals. $100 is a lot, but I like it.


My dealer called yesterday and my insert has arrived as well. I will post some photos tonight when I get home.

Can you give a report on sound level and power loss as well if possible?

I don't have any way to measure the sound but I can definitely give you a ride report. :)

I'd just like a to know if it's quiet like the Vortip without robbing too much power.

Just picked up the insert from the dealer and it is pretty cool. The big suprise? The end cap is billet aluminum! I'll post pictures shortly of the insert itself but won't have any shots of it installed until after I get home from work this afternoon. Stay tuned!

Here are photos of the insert. I have not installed it yet (because I'm still at work!) The installation sheet says:

This Muffler Insert Kit when properly installed in the stock muffler conforms to United States Forest Service noise regulations in effect as of January 1, 2003.

The noise level should be acceptable and hopefully performance won't suffer too bad. BTW, it's 7 3/8" long. Enjoy!





Thanks for the photos!

Since it's aluminum and stainless (guessing), are the 2 pieces bolted together? In the first picture, it looks like there is a bolt head at the bottom of the aluminum section.

It doesn't look like it's stainless to me and looks like it would probably rust. :) You are correct about having a bolt holding the two pieces together. It appears the way the bolt is situated that if it came loose it couldn't back out because it's blocked by the stock exhaust collar. I'm excited to get it installed and tested. Yes, my wife thinks I'm a dork. :D

Man, that is simple. Maybe I should make a few? Anyone want one? Let us know how it works! ---Mike

I got the insert installed. Here are the photos:

Installed 1 Installed 2 Installed 4 Installed 4

I fired the bike up with the insert in and WOW is it quiet!! I have not heard a thumper with a vortip installed so I cannot compare. However, from just listening to the sound of this it is very close to being as quiet as the stock insert. Not sure about the rest of you but both my 426 and 450 would barely even idle (if at all) with the stock insert in. With the GYT-R insert, it idles excellent and I still have quick acceleration from idle. It does feel a tiny bit restricted but I don't think it will make that much of a difference. Keep in mind that I was only able to take it up and down the pavement a few times and the real test will be when I can get it out in the dirt this Saturday. I believe, at this point, I will be satisfied with the performance and I know I'm satisfied with the sound level. Yippeee!

Congrats, hope the new tip works well. For those who haven't looked into aftermarket tips, the design looks very similiar to a Vortip. The Vortip has a turn down end but other than that the three variable length tubes look the same. Great price, they will sell a ton of these.

Great photos and excellent writeup. Who needs DIRT BIKE magazine. Thanks Dave!!! :):D :D


Thank you for the test information and Pics. I have been dying for a fix to quiet my bike down a little without spending a ton. The Best Thing is that it comes from Yamaha. Thanks again from the Northeast.


It's been a long time coming!!!!!! Great looking piece Dave.Need to get an offical sound reading on that bad boy!

Nice pics.... Now only if mine would ever show up at the dealer. I've been calling them every day. Nope not here, nope not here. Try tomorrow.... damn

Great pics Dave! Ive been calling my dealer every week, and still no dice. They were all in CA, so its just a matter of time. :)

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