Muffler Insert

Anyone know what years wr exhaust that this insert will fit??

Does the wr 250 and 426 have the same silencer? or they different.

I want a wr silencer for my 99yz400. I was thinking of getting one of these inserts for it. But am unsure what years the insert fits. And what years silencer fits my yz.

I need something quiet for select events to pass a soundtest.

I think the insert size is the same for all the WR's. My 98 WR400 Vortip fit my 02 426 no sweat. I'm sure the insert will fit the WR250 also. The WR250 forum would know for sure.

It will fit a wr250f. I just put mine in tonight. Sounds good. Yamaha claims that it conforms to United States Forest Service noise regulations in effect as of 1-1-03. Looks to be about 3 times more flow than stock. Can't wait to test it. :):D :D

I was able to get out today after work and put some miles on the WR450 with the new GYT-R muffler insert. Let me start by saying that this sucker is quiet! I don't think it's as quiet as the stocker but it's close. I couldn't hear my bike idling while it was running next to my buddies' new uncorked 03 WR250F! I hate to say it but it sounds a lot like my brothers' DRZ400E. ANYWAY, it lost a bit of the bottom end snap that I was used to. Through the midrange and top end it felt like normal and would pull the wheel up without any problems. It still revs quick, just seems to have flattened the bottom end out a bit. I quickly adjusted to it by revving the motor a bit more. I was able to clear a 35-foot double (with a short takeoff) without any problems so I figure it's a keeper. Here in Idaho, we have some areas that are sound-sensitive and others that are not. I think I'll use it in the sound-sensitive areas and take it out for the other places. I have spoken with a few vortip owners and it seems the performance from this muffler insert is very similar to the vortip.

To sum it all up: I feel the GYT-R muffler insert does a good job of keeping the sound levels down without sacrificing too much performance.

FYI, the packaging stated this will fit the WR250, WR426 and WR450.

I ordered mine 2-22-03 from Atlanta GA area dealer and he said they were in the local warehouse and would only be a few days. You have to have the part number and have your dealer call the supplier. The insert will not show available in the dealers computer.

Some days you have to ride quiet and this thing has to flow better than the stock one. It is a two second removal so I will yank it at the Harescrambles. It's the "let them know there is someone behind you slowpoke" factor. And the bike runs a lot better without any insert.

Hey ddialogue,

Thanks for the report back on performance ! That is what I was hoping for.

Thxs again,


Thanks for all the info. The only question I have now is did you have to adjust the jetting at all or can you switch back and forth without changes?

Funny you mention jetting. I was actually going to ask you guys what you thought I might need to do as far as jetting changes when using this insert? I left the jetting where it was yesterday and it seemed to run just fine. Will I need to lean it a bit when using it? I'm not sure. When the exhaust flow gets restricted, does the motor then tend to run rich or lean?

Thank's man! going to order mine in the norning .

I have WR 450 silencer with insert I will sell if you want it $75

If you have a Idaho decibel sound requirement, and have a way of measuring you sound levels to the required test, if it tests below your requirements, and you are willing to gamble $35 you could cut 1/4 inch off each tube re-check it, and continue cutting until you tuned it to what you want.

Just picked up my insert. They've finally made it to WV. Dealer had to call Yamaha to get a price on it since it is not in any book yet. I'll try it out once the weather breaks. Too much snow and ice still here.


Very good Ron! I think you'll be pleasantly suprised with the noise/performance trade-off of this insert. I know I was. I admit, however, that I only plan on using it in noise-sensitive areas. :)

I ordered mine last week. Wasn't in the book or the computer but my dealer was able to place the order. Looking forward to seeing (or should I say hearing) how it works. :)

Because of the report of ddialogue's, I decided to kick down and buy one too. I gave the Yamaha parts guy the part number : GYT-5TJ93-00. The guy said he had GYT-5TJ93-50 listed. Regardless, he knew what I wanted and placed my order. $43.05 and 4-5 day wait.

Thanks ddialogue,


Anybody know where I can get one of these online? I stopped at my local dealer and they told me middle of April because everyone is out of stock.

Thanks :)

My FMF sucks wish i never bought it :)

My FMF sucks wish i never bought it

Is this the "Q"?

I like my Q pipe om my 426. (94.5 db at 4250 rpm with msr silent sport packing and powerbomb header) I don't think that the Q will pass my new WR250 so I ordered this insert.


I ordered one on Monday and it arrived today. After I got it home I did a test ride and sound level measurement. It definitely cuts out power on the bottom and mid, although I was able to get the front wheel off the ground on several occasions. I'm going to see if rejetting will help any. It almost felt too lean in the midrange. We'll see what happens tomorrow when I start messing with the carb. (And I had just got the jetting tweaked perfectly with my P.O.S. FMF muffler. Oh well.)

Noise levels were markedly lower. The open stock muffler idles at around 94 dBA (loud.) The new insert lowers the idle level to 87-88 dBA. I measured 20" away at 45° with the meter set on slow response. I'll have to get someone to hold the throttle on Sunday to see what mid throttle noise is and I'll post results.

94 dBA is about twice the noise that 88 dBA is, depending on exactly what scale/standard you are using, so it is a lot quieter. That's about the noise level my old FMF muffler put out, so I know it should be able to make better power. I just have to find it somewhere in the carburetor. My wife remarked that it's quieter because when she's in the house she can always hear me running around the neighborhood doing my test ride/warmups. This time she didn't even know I was riding. :)

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