Muffler Insert

Any one know the correct part # for the insert , my parts guy tried to order gyt-5tj93-75-00 and the reply was invaled part #. Maybe one of you guy's that alredy got one can help with the rite #?

I called Yamaha of troy with that part number.They showed it and ordered it should be to my door in a week.The local guys all said it didn't exist. :)

No I have the MegaMax ll ... doesnt fit right (melted my side #plate), its heavy and doesn't make a noticeable powerincrease(over stock uncorked). defintaly not worth the $250 or so i paid for it.

Got mine the other day, and wow is it quiet. Roads were still iced, so I have to wait for a ride report... :) But its still real hush.

:) Got mine Saturday. Boy, is it quiet. Haven't had a chance to see if it makes any difference on power. Got Snow, need the moisture but it sure cramps my riding time :D

:confused:Re orderd it today we will se what happens may haft to try a difrent shop

I adjusted the jetting today and the bike runs a lot better. Dropped the needle one clip and that cleaned up the mid range considerably. I left the pilot and main jets alone. It's still not as powerful as an uncorked muffler, but I was still able to loft the front wheel in all 5 gears. I think it's worth the trade-off.

i have a fmf powercore IV 2 with a powerbomb there an insert that will quiet that setup?


My insert is backorderd. Any on else have this problem? Has anyone taken a set of dimensions?

Mine is backordered, too. They said call in April!?! It sucks to be impatient.

Mine is back ordered. My local dealer had no clue. The one a little farther South is going to order a couple.

DAMN IT !!!! I bought mine on 2/25 and was told 5-7days. Today just spoke to dealer and its been confirmed this thing is on massive backorder without any ETA. GRRRRRR! That really chaps my buttcheeks.


I'm glad I ordered mine when I did. I placed the order on 2/24 and it arrived on 2/28. Looks like I snuck in under the wire.


Thanks for sharing that... It makes me feel much better.... NOT ! :) LOL j/k


So, which one of these is correct?

1 - GYT-5TJ93-00

2 - GYT-5TJ93-50

3 - GYT-5TJ93-75-00


NH Kevin,

I was told the part # was -



the part # on package mine came in was..... GYT-5TJ93-75-00

In case anyone is interested, my local dealer has THREE of these muffler inserts IN STOCK. I'm sure it wouldn't cost much to get one shipped. Check them out at


Need some input:

I am currently running a FMF Power Bomb header w/ a Stroker SX-1 silencer.

This thing is JUST TOO LOUD. :)

I want to put an FMF "Q" Silencer on it, but w/ this new*t, I just don't know.

I am open to anyone knowing anything about the "Q" (isn't there a "new Q"??)

After the POS my FMF Megamax II turned out to be, I don't think I'll ever buy an FMF product again. I've read on TT that the Q mufflers are pretty flimsy. Now that I've got the bike jetted right, I'm happy with the power/noise level the stock muffler makes with the new insert. And I don't have to worry about the muffler disintegrating out on the trail anymore or melting a hole in the right side panel. If you want my opinion, put the stock muffler back on, get an insert and dial in the jetting.

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