Do I need a special tool to get my fork apart?

Was trying to change fork seals on my 99 yz400 myself today and came to screeching halt when I could not remove the "bottom cap" to the fork. I know that's not the right term for it but its the piece that the rubber insert goes into to adjust the rebound or whatever the gold adjuster is on the very bottom of the fork. its seems to be like a 14mm allen but when I tried to unscrew it all it did was turn and turn and turn, it got easier to turn but never came out. is it stripped? the manual says use special tool i think but dont see why, and no one talks about using one on this forum. do i need a special tool to get this out and ultimately get the fork apart, am i missing something? thanks a lot!!

Put the springs back in and put pressure against them. Then loosen the bolt.

you might even have to put the caps and springs back on to remove the bolt. Hope this is it. I'm having fork troubles myself...........

You need to either use a cartridge holder inside the tube on the other end to hold the cartridge while you loosen the compression bolt. Or use an air impact gun to loosen the compression bolt. It just keeps spinning because it screws into the bottom of the cartridge. The cartridge is inside and has a rod that moves up and down sticking out of it.

that's what I was thinking but how do you hold the cartridge? even with the top cap off and the fork all the way compressed i still don't see how you hold the cartridge to loosen the bottom nut? thanks again

You have to use a cartridge holder tool:

Here is instructions and it tells you how to make one out of PVC pipe:

click the tech articles link and then the "A cheap cartridge holder" under the suspension section

better yet, do i even need to take that apart if i only want to replace the seals? or is that only to remove the damper/cartridge? thanks

better yet, do i even need to take that apart if i only want to replace the seals?
No, you don't. It can stay in place if all you need is to change the seals.

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