WR Oil Change Intervals

What do you guys recommend? I've got three rides on my 426 since the last oil/filter change. Two full days and one half day. The oil still looks good. Do you change it after so many hours or rides or what do you think is best?

Also, how often do you clean/re-lube your air filters?


How many hrs i out on the bike, thats what i do. I only clean/lube my air filter if the air box gets mild dirt in there. But i check them after every ride, but it gets changed every 5 rides, and it depends what condition you ride in.

Clean air filter every ride, oil is recommended every 10 hrs i think. I change it every other hard ride and filter every three hard rides. About 350 400 miles. If it sand dunes after every trip.

Oil changed every 600km, oil filter changed when it looks like theres crap on it, usually around every 2nd oil change.

I check air filter after ride and usually clean and re-oil every 2 nd ride.

Even when its dry / dusty the WR airbox is good which keeps alot of dust out, compare that to the shite on my 300 KTM, well you cant really call that an airbox......

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