450 body conversion

Ok i mounted up the subframe and airbox tonight. Everything went pretty well, ended up trimming the frame, as i figured i wouldnt convert back and my subframe is powdercoated.. Only thing is i cant get the exhaust tab to line up with the mount hole on the subframe.. The mount on the subframe is about a quarter inch too far back.. Do i need a 250 exhaust too? The subframe and airbox came off an 05 250f.

You shouldn't all the locations should line up. I have a FMF exhause with a loose clamp hanger. You might move your exhaust back a little bit at the mid pipe and leave it just a little loose then see if it will line up. Once you get that mocked up they tighten the mid pipe clamp.

I tried, but it seems my exhaust hits the shock reservior. I will give it another shot to see if i can get it to line up..

Ok i got it to bolt up out back, but now the mount where it mounts down low to the subframe is way off, and actually rubbing on the subframe, so that cant be good.. My exhaust might of gotten bent when i wheelied over a couple summers ago on the tar in mid 5th.. So now that i have a straight subframe it shows up? Any ideas? Will a new exhaust system fix this? Is there an exhaust with a moveable mounting position on the "silencer"?

I guess i will have to get one of those then.

Ok so my buddy has an FMF with the adjustable strap mount that i am going to get, so now i just need a mid pipe and header.. Its hard to find these for a 426 now so will one from a 450 work? I would like to go with a powerbomb header or something like it if i could.

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