Massive Motor Failure.....need Help.

So like alot of you guys did, i went riding over new years. The down side of this story is that i blew my motor up in all aspects.

My dad and i were taking it apart earlier today and after much pondering about a piece of metal we found, between the piston and crank shaft, we discovered it was a shift fork. so we finished taking apart the top end and found that it had destroyed everything in the entire motor short of the head and valves. We are talking everything down to even the cases.

so at that point, the question camp up, do we piece out the bike or try to find another motor. we still have not decided which we are going to do and at this point, have decided to try to find a motor.

If anyone has any thoughts on the matter, please, i am all ears.

I will try to have some pictures up tomorrow night.

You could probably find a motor. I have seen them off and on on Ebay, Craigs List, etc..

Had the exact same thing happen to my crf450. What I ended up doin is parting out every little part thy was good left on the engine like the kickstart head, valve cover, water pump etc. I ended up getting 550 usd for what was left of my motor and I'm still left with a ton of spare parts from nuts and bolts to a complete clutch assembly which I could have sold but it's always nice to have spares. Then what I did was have patience. I had around $1000 set aside for an engine and I waited for an engine with no reseve to come on eBay. About a week ago someone listed an engine so I sat back and watched the engine bidding going slowly up but I didn't bid "emotionally". with about 20 minutes left the highest bidder was at 735 so I went to an automated bidder site called bidnapper which puts your max bid in the last couple seconds of the eBay auction. I told my self I'd be willing to pay up to 900 for the engine so I put my bid in bidnapper and I beat the next highest bidder by a dollar in the last few seconds and he had no time to react. 750$ later and I've got an almost brand new engine, that I almooost bought with the parts money from the other engine. Sorry for the rant :thumbsup:

oh no problem. glad that everything worked out for you. the only stuff still good is the kickstarter, head asembly and waterpump. i am not sure how much more you had than that, but thankyou for the advice!

about how long did it take you to piece out the motor?

If you like the bike and had plan to keep it, then get a new motor.

However, I would not fix the bike simply to sell it. If you are going to do that, then part it out.

That whole process to part out the engine took about two months. I could have probably done it faster however. I didn't have much more good parts than you

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