OMG New Mexico to make MC riders Organ Donors

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Riders nationwide join AMA outrage over mandatory organ-donor legislation for motorcyclists

Jan. 31 – Motorcyclists from coast to coast have joined the AMA in expressing outrage over a proposed law in New Mexico that would force some motorcyclists to be organ donors.

The AMA calls the controversial proposal "a new low" in the relationship between anti-motorcycling government officials and riders.

The proposed law, introduced in the New Mexico Legislature by state Sen. Allen Hurt (R-Waterflow), would allow the harvesting of organs from any motorcyclist who is declared brain dead as a result of an accident in which he or she was not wearing a helmet. The bill, Senate Bill 239, specifically states: "a person operating a motorcycle without a helmet and who, as a result of an accident, is pronounced brain dead pursuant to Section 12-12-4 NMSA 1978 by a licensed physician shall become an organ donor regardless of whether the person made an anatomical gift by completing the organ donor statement…"

If the bill becomes law, it would take effect on July 1. In New Mexico it is legal for adults to ride without wearing helmets.

The AMA, with more than 250,000 members across the country, is organizing opposition to the proposed law, and riders nationwide are contacting the AMA as well as New Mexico lawmakers to protest the bill.

One rider writing to the AMA wonders how such a bill could even see the light of day. Another suggests that a law forcing people to be organ donors would be unconstitutional.

But one of the most compelling arguments against the bill comes from a longtime California rider who was once in a horrific traffic crash and almost died.

"They had me on life support, but I had died three times during surgery and each time the doctor came out to my wife asking for permission to harvest," the rider wrote the AMA. "My wife's answer each time was `No, you fix him.'

"I credit my wife for saving my life," he wrote. "I'm sure if she was not there I would not be here now. I know that the trauma unit worked very hard to put me back together again, but if it weren't for my wife, my parts would have been harvested.

"I could go on about this for hours," he adds, "but the point is that some doctors are too quick to judge, and the last thing they need is the legal power to play God."

Sean Maher, AMA director of state affairs, says the AMA considers the proposal an outrageous attack on motorcyclists that must be stopped quickly.

"Organ donation is a noble cause that truly can represent the gift of life for people faced with some terminal illnesses," Maher adds. "But making the commitment to become an organ donor must remain a private decision left to each person.

"Classifying an entire group of citizens as nothing more than organs to be harvested isn't just demeaning to motorcyclists, it's offensive to all humans," he says.

One way motorcyclists nationwide can help is by going to the AMA Rapid Response Center. There, you can send pre-written letters of protest to Hurt and key New Mexico lawmakers.

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When you consider that there is no law requiring condemned and convicted MURDERERS, sentenced to death, to repay their debt by giving life (organ donation), it makes it pretty clear just where motorcyclists rate in Allen Hurt's twisted mind. It is a very tiny step to include ALL accident victims. Pure EVIL.

When is he up for re-election? How about some serious complaints to the Republican National Committee? Lets help get this sick bastard fired! :)

If it were my loved one, I would consider this an act of murder. It goes way beyond "theft" and even "rape". The organ donor program itself should be objecting strongly to this for moral reasons. They certainly could no longer call this the "GIFT" of life, could they? And what about the other "AMA" (American Medical Association)?

I believe strongly in organ donation as a final expression of love and free will. Legislation of this nature would forever pervert and change that.

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