Anyone ever take a WR swimming?

This past weekend a friend of mine (names withheld to protect the allready embarrased) dumped his BRAND NEW WR450 in a creek. First day after break in and he decided to ride across this little creek instead of taking the old falling down bridge and about 3 feet into the crossing he encountered a huge hole and the back end went down to the fender and the engine died. We got the bike to dry ground and pulled the airbox lid and at least a cup of water poured out. NOT GOOD. We held the bike upright on the rear wheel and let the exhaust drain then rolled it backwards while in gear to see if any water would "backflush" thru the carb and some water did come out this way. Pulled the plug and kicked it thru a few times and nothing but fuel vapor out of plug holes. That was a small relief. Luckily we werent too far from the truck and he had a new quart of Yamalube so we drained some fairly milky oil out and put the new oil in and she started right up and wouldnt idle until the water cleared the carb. Back to the truck we went (approx 2 miles).

My question is what dou you guys recommend for the next step? So far he drained the oil and completely filled the crankcase and let it sit overnight. Should he flush the engine with something or just do several oil changes and see how it runs? I am sure someone out there has done this before.

May I recommend a Jet Ski? :)

Awesome answer :)

That was beautiful Wr250rr. I'm laughing my a$s off...

LOL!!!! :D:)

I laughed more over your Sir WRecksalot handle. Thats very clever not to mention the picture that comes to mind. :)

Love the story, unfortunately I've done this as well. I changed the oil a couple of times and the milk went away. Air filter will need to be cleaned but that is obvious. You could clean the carb if its suspected to be dirty but it sounds like it may be OK. If the bearings, swingarm, steering etc have not been re-greased yet it may be a good time to eliminate any potential problems. Check out the winter maintenance threads and you should have more than enough info to keep you busy for a while. Wrooster had some great info posted a while back. My buddy always calls me the "Flounder" and the WR the "Big blue submarine" after last spring's incident :).

Last summer I was attempting a creek crossing behind my buddy. I took a slightly different line than he did. It was really rocky and of course I hit the submerged rock. It redirected my front wheel one way and I flew off the other. Luckily, I landed in a deeper section instead of a rocky spot. I was able to jump back up quick enough to somehow grab the clutch and keep her lit.

The only problem I have incurred is the steering is sticky.

I'm currently lubing the steering & swing arm/linkage. Next crossing.....wheel up!


I really appreciate all the feedback. Sofar he has done just what you guys have suggested. Run until warm then drain oil and repeat. I think he is up to 4th oil change and it is no longer milky and runs fine. All bearings have been re-lubed so I guess time will tell now.

Thanks again for all the input.

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