Does anyone use Slime for preventive measures?

OR just keep it around for repairs...

What does this stuff do to the balance of the tire?


Thats a pretty sore subject for me, but I'll respond....For ATV's it's a great product. For Bikes it's questionalbe at best....Both flats that I had last year were the result fo smacking a rock and blowing the tube. The slime Will Not seal up a a tube with a 1 inch gash....It will however make a hell of a mess to clean up before you can put a new tube in and close up the tire again.

I guess someone out there is gonna swear by it...but that's what it's all about.

IMHO...Keeping a spare tube or a tire patch kit handy is a better option. I even have a tiny pump that operates off nitrogen cylinders or hand pumps in 3 minutes in my pack.

Bonzai :)

Its hard to say if it works to prevent flats. How would you know if you had a leak and the slime fixed it during a ride? Although I usually add some to a new tube/tire just in case, figuire it cant hurt.

However I got a nail in the tire, which went flat, pulled the nail, slimed the tire and pumped it up, same tire and tube are going 3 years later. with no leakage.

You can purchase mini tire inflators that use CO2 cartridges, and attach a small bottle of slime to your cross bar pad with zip tyes, then you know your covered most most occasions.

If you ride in a lot of cactus, you'll swear by it. :)

If you ever have to replace a ruptured tube or a tubeless ATV tire (with slime in it), you'll swear NEAR it (#$%!@). :D

Oh well, there's no free lunch.

I run heavy duty tubes and slime on my WR and also carry a spare tube and tools. I've not yet needed to change a pinched tube (knock on wood).

On the ATVs, I wouldn't run without the slime (and also carry some tire plugs for bigger holes). Those cactus needle holes are tough to find on a tire/tube. But, it's pretty easy to see the little bit of green that oozes out and plugs up the hole. :D

or buy the 1/2 inch thick moose tubes.

I run the Moose extra thick tube with slime, you can never be too safe. It's true that the slime won't help with pinch flats but they do help with puncture holes. It shouldn't affect your balance of your tires unless you are running over 70mph for extended periods of time (Desert) then it recommends that you get your tires rebalanced :)

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