06 to 08 conversions?

I'm looking to slide one past the wife and take advantage of the leftover 08's with 0- 0-12 month financing.

I'll pull the 08’s OEM plastic and it'll go back on the 06, I'll swap out the 08 with my 06 race plastic and she'll never know what a rat bastard I am. I'd like to also swap out my 06's Pro Taper triple 24's, the Dubach complete exhaust system, step seat, Azonic bars and skid plate. I also have an extra set of stock 06 wheels. I'm not laying it out here to give any of you the same idea for spouse wars, but the cheap dirt biker in me thinks I can't go wrong. Of course it could go very wrong when the statement gets intercepted at the mail box. I'll just have to make sure I run her wide on the way to pick up. Anyhow, I haven't confirmed all this stuff will swap, but I haven't read or heard otherwise. I'll live on the edge if I can smell victory, but if I gotta jump a triple on a Hodaka to win I'll fold pretty quick. It all should transfer and perform right?

My 06 has 35 hours, always greased and oil changed along with valves inspected. Having the 08 in my garage and the pristine 06 in my bud’s garage I figure I'll be able to make that sale in the $3K to $3.3k range. For $2.2 to $2.5K, I’ll have a new lighter feeling, freshly suspended, new motor that should see me through another 3 years for around a grand a year.

Thanks for listening, let me know if I’m drinking my bathwater, that I’m going to crash miserably and if I’m going down in flames I should just spring for the 09.

All of those parts will swap, but you will need to change the steering stem. Not a big deal, just press them out of the old bottom clamps, and into the new one.

Sorry i can't offer much help, but man that post was definitely a good read! :thumbsup:

Thats a wonderful plan. Remember to always buy the BLUE Yamaha. Spring for a limited edition color and your idea is ruined.

A buddy of mine has his wife convinced that late model used bikes cost between $1,500 and $2,000.

He bought his '07 KTM 300XC used last year for "just $1,800"

The other issue I'm going to have is keeping my buddy off the 06 while I try to sell her. I guess I might have to look at it like it's a storage fee, or maybe even a sellers fee if he offs it to one of his drinking buddies.

Hmmm.. about those drinking buddies. Another scenerio just played out...buds throwing down the beers come up with a great idea to ring the neck off that 450's throttle down the street....they centerpunch some broke contractor that the world of creditors are crashing in around, so he finds the owner of that bike to write him a ticket out.

Maybe I better come clean with the momma...either that or I make sure I'm at my buds when they're tipping them back!

Sweet! Thanks for helping me work this out guys!

Sorry i can't offer much help, but man that post was definitely a good read! :thumbsup:

x2 on that! Good luck with your deal, But keep posting.....this is good stuff right here.:p

These plans usually explode on you............. just ask me I'm the master of disaster. Maybe it's because my wife has the checkbook.

Why dont ya just do it and deal with the consequences, thats what I do, she gets pissed but after a few months she deals with it. or get her a new bike as the same time and say I want you to come out too!!

Been there done that, not so much buy her a bike..tried that also. Although I'm not sure why she didn't like that 144 kitted YZ??...

Anyhow, you must still be a twiterpated pup, but let me bring over to the dark side. You can never out spend a woman.. try as you might there's just no Mall fatigue and amazingly no credit swipe blisters. If I go out and indulge in my one addiction to the tune of a grand a year (& in her face like a shiny new dirt bike), it's like an e-ticket for a free for all to the Mall. I don't know what kind of bank you pull down, but there's just a measly 6 figures in my household and the only thing that's going to pull me out of the rat race is having the lower fork tubes fall off my YZ over a double when I'm 65.

It's best if she goes on thinking I've gown up and out grown the need for a new momo every 3 years.

I know it sounds like I'm cheating on her, but the worst thing she'll catch when I throw leg over her is poison oak.

Just remember, It's easier to beg foregiveness than to ask permission.

I have been married for 17 yrs in March and I know the feeling. Great idea but if you get caught get ready to hit the couch. Good luck...

I don't know what kind of bank you pull down, but there's just a measly 6 figures in my household and the only thing that's going to pull me out of the rat race is having the lower fork tubes fall off my YZ over a double when I'm 65.


If your household is in the low 6 figures, and you are responsible for most of it, your doing great (unless you have a huge mtg. and a ton of car payments or something)

I'd just tell her the way its gonna be, your a grown man, you can afford it, and your selling the old one to boot. She'll bitch for a little bit, but a new dirt bike should be a non issue to your woman unless your at a crucial level with bills. Its not like you just started shootin "just a little heroin, but only on weekends" or something.

Explain to her it keeps you physically in shape, mentally sharp and gives you a reason to set goals for yourself :thumbsup: She might even respect that bit of gibberish a little

How did i get to be such an expert on women? Thats easy, i've been married 14 times :p

I could never treat my wife like that. If either of us want something and we as a family can afford it we get it. If your wife can't trust you why should anyone else?

Just tell her it's time to do a "full service" on the bike and have her call the local dealer and ask how much to replace a piston, crank, entire clutch, timing chain, and valves. When she tells you how much it is, say " I could get a new one for less than that!"

You could even get her a nice piece of jewelry when you get your new toy, she might start looking forward to you getting a new bike every few years.

Good luck, I just have to get my wife a new bike every other year, and mod it a little.


Good grief. I guess I am a lucky man...If I want a new bike and I either have the money or the financings right I get it. No grief, gloom or doom to deal with.

Man up and tell her who wears the pants in this house and get yourself a new bike!

Just kidding about the last part...good luck buddy! I guess I better get my wife some flowers or something tomorrow......

Just tell the wife that you will save money with the bike swap. According to womens' logic Money saved is the same as earned cash in your hand Therefore you will have more money to spend on something else.

Actually money that you have, but don't spend has the same impact on your personal finances as earning the same amount of money tax free.

Its all a good plan, but you do have one problem. Do you allready have your 06 sold? Thinkin your going to get maybe $3200?? Theirs your problem. I've got two 06 450's and can't give them away. Local add , E bay, dealer, friends. $1800 was the high bid on E bay. The 08's are cheap. Makes the 06's even cheaper. Good luck!

I learned something this past Christmas...women love ANYTHING from Tiffany's. I spent $200 on a simple siver ring & when she opened it up she went bonkers...something about the little blue box their stuff comes in makes them happy I guess. Then all of her friends husbands were saying "thanks alot man..now mine wants something from there". She's still giddy about it. I might have been able to pull off a new bike that week!

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