03 WR450 Timing Chain Replacement ?

I am getting ready to change the timing chain on my '03 WR450 for the first time at 700 miles. I have reviewed many posts on this process on this site and several problems that people have run into. My question is - the rotor is screwed to the starter clutch using six screws (which are locktighted). Do these six locktighted screws have to be removed to get access to replace the timing chain. Is it possible to remove the rotor while it is screwed to the starter clutch (and starter gear behind it)? In the service manual, it is not very clear.

The rotor (flywheel) and starter clutch will come off in one piece.

Thanks for confirming this information.

700 miles and a new timing chain? Seems a little pre-mature unless you are swapping cams or something :thumbsup:

700 miles and a new timing chain? Seems a little pre-mature unless you are swapping cams or something :thumbsup:

agreed , my 03 is still on its original .

I think it's good cheap insurance. Know a couple of guys that had their chains go with horrible results.

i have a 2001 and i blew the bottom end and my timing chain is still good. i put about 2500 to 3000 miles on my bike a year. 700 miles is way pre mature. rememeber this is a YAMAHA not a HONDA.

its still cheap insurance , i was probably going to change mine when i pull the jug as soon as it warms up .

simply because i wouldn't re use a timing chain on a truck so why would i re-use one on a bike .

your probably bored and want some thing to do , timing chain is a good choice .

Do what you like but 700 miles is just breakin in. I've got probably 7000 miles on mine and most likely will change it soon when I go through the motor. Heck I ride 700 miles in two weekends!

Cheap insurance? Sure at less than $15 it's real cheap insurance but at 700 miles to replace it just for the sake of replacing it... makes no sense to me you run a higher risk of screwing something up in the process than you do having a timing chain failure at 700 miles... just my .02 cents:ride:

Cheap insurance?

i went 11k miles on my 06 before i sold the bike...and at that point i had never changed the chain!!!

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