Oil Gallery check

Did my second oil change on my 07YZ450f and it was a pleasure.

i checked my oil gallery bolt like the manual says and noticed that a little bit of oil built up around the head of the bolt but never actually flowed. i ran the bike idle for a little longer to heat up the oil and noticed the oil was barely flowing. maybe a drop total.

i've done a search and everyone usually skips this step.

and what i have found is that during idle there is not much oil pressure.

do i need to be worried?

Did you loosen the bolt, or remove it?

umm i loosened it.

i then threaded it out like 3-5 turns out. bolt was still in the thread.. still very little oil moving out from the bolt.

If you were to remove it, you could get a better idea, but it would be messy, to say the least. Pretty much any steady, definite flow of oil at idle from the bolt while it's threaded indicates it's being delivered. The pressure is less important than the volume.

Remove your bolt all the way and you'll see. wouldnt worry.

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