WR426 lighting coil output

I'm adding another headlight for improved night riding and need to know the wattage available from the '01 WR426. Also what happens if I add more light wattage than I can run?Thanks.

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The 426 lighting coil puts out 120 watts but I don't know what happens if you over draw it. Sorry


If you add a bigger load than the stator can handle, the lights will dim. In other words, it won't do you any good to put more than 120 watts of load on the system. And that's 120 watts at running speed-less at idle and low revs.

Thanks for the replies, I'll give it a shot.

I understand your pain. Had a 98' WR400 and an 02' WR426. Getting back to the truck at night was an adventure, especially . You don't have to change anything on your bike except one thing: the lighting bulb. For $20 Baja Designs (www.bajadesigns.com) makes a 100 watt replacement bulb that fits right in to your 01' WR426. The bulb, in essence, doubles the amount of light output. Low RPM dimming is increased due to the higher watt requirement but midrange on up is impressive. Look under "Lighting Kits" in the Baja website and shed some light on this world. I'm doing the same thing to my 03' WR450. With 120 watt maximum on the stock lighting coil the 100 watt replacment bulb is the hot setup.

The lighting circuit is totally independant of the bikes ignition system. Adding to much new lighting wattage will likely dim other lights. You would just have to test it. Lo beam is 55 watts, brake light if you use it is 25 watts I believe. This leaves you some room to play.

To answer your question.

What happens if I run more wattage then my coil can put out?

Yes you will have dimming at lower rpms. The extra demand you are putting on the coil at maximum outputs will create heat. In time this heat will melt the coating off the wires in your stator. This will create a short circuit. Voila, you have a fried stator. No more light!


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