***HELP***Michelin Tires***

I have a 2009 WR450 and I need to order a set of more aggresive (harder) desert tires.

I am going to purchase Michelin, but do not know what to buy and what size.

Any body out there that could help, let me know!

Thank you! :thumbsup:

80/100-19 i think is the stock front and go with a 120 18 in the rear

I've had good luck with the M12 front and S12 rear.

This is what I was thinking, the top is the OEM bottm is Michelin

2009 WR450 Tire Size Stock/OEM

Tires/Front 80/100-21 51M

Tires/Rear 110/100-18 64M

Michelin Cross AC10

80/100-21 51 R

110/100-18 64 R

why michelin? Many guys in the desert swear by the maxxis desert IT for the rear. Either that or the Dunlop 739 for the rear.

For the front, I personally like either the Dunlop 756 or the Pirellie scorpion pro.

I agree. Go with Maxxis and save some $$!

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