01 426 problem

I recently finished putting a new piston in my 01 426. I also had a valvle work done at my local shop and did the Zip Ty mod to my carb. Carb sat out of the bike a while so new seals and orings were put in. I was already running a Dr D pipe.

The bike is not running well. When I downshift and then hit the gas it sputters until higher RPM is reached, probably from 0-1/8 or 0-1/4 throttle. It does not idle very well either. Also when accelerating in 5th gear it feels like something is slipping and the bike surges. Please help! I am running a 45 pilot jet and a 170 main. Thanks!

Check to be sure that the throttle spring plate on the back of the slide is right side up.

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