Michelin Bib Mousse

Has anybody tried this. Michelin says it is made from a multi-cellular butyl material and replaces conventional tubes, providing a pressure equivalent of approximately 13 psi. I wonder how well it would hold up in the rocks. It would be nice if you didn't have to worry about ever getting a flat.


I've used a solid rubber insert called Tech Tube for the last 8 years. They are Michelins competition. Anyway I ride hard rock desert mostly and it doesn't get and can't get any tougher than what I ride on. And I ride HARD!

Amazing that those inserts haven't shredded years ago but they haven't. And I ride all day, 8 hours or so and then jump on the street and go 65 etc and so on. Give em a go. Can't get a flat.

They add about 7lbs of weight but I go as fast as I am able and would be in trouble any faster. :):D:D

Wicked, as far as I know you can't even get the Michelin Mousse tubes unless you are a Michelin sponsored rider. Most people that I have talked to don't like the way the Tech Tubes feel because they don't bounce back like a conventional tube does when you hit something, they have more of a dead feel somewhat like a flat. I've even heard they make your bike handle a little funny because of the added weight. I know this sounds quite a bit different from what Mike C says, but thats what I heard when researching them for the Baja 2000. Eric

I think you get used to what you have. I only have the one bike and have nothing to really compare it with. I ride like I stole it and it may technically ride like it's got a flat. If so I'm a damn good rider who deals with that problem.

Hard to explain but it's the rider not the bike.

Right? I'm getting a new bike and putting them in the new one too because I couldn't deal with being in the middle of the desert if I got a flat tire. Maybe the Michelins are better. I don't know. :)

BB thats a new one on me....I can get them all day long from my local dealer or just about any tire distributor that I have called.

Bonzai :)

The ad says that they will last up to 6 months. Kindof pricey at over $100 if they only last that long. How long have they lasted for you guys? Mike, where do you find the Tech Tube, I've looked but can't find anything?

Some of the folks I'm cross country racing with are changing them about every 4 races....Serious A and B riders though...

Bonzai :)

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