WR450F on Engine Dyno - VT FSAE

Hey guys,

I'm new to these forums, but I thought you might be interested in what the Virginia Tech Formula SAE team is working on. I'm the team leader of the 2010 team and we are considering moving to a single cylinder motor to power our car over the cbr600 we have run in the years past. To make such a decision we had to do some preliminary and feasibility testing. Just last month we picked up a 2004 Yamaha WR450F only to tear out the engine and begin with some testing. We tore the engine out and mocked it up on our engine dyno at school. Heres some pictures of the tear down process:






Today I completed the first dyno pulls. I did three pulls and each has consistent results. Here is the dyno plot:


Here is a video of the dyno pull: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGG5zdcK1-s&feature=channel_page

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask! :thumbsup:


Looks like there is some jetting issues to be worked out. You should put a bung in the exhaust and use a wideband on it.

Do you say that just because of the fluctuation of power in the upper end? We are actually putting on a Innovate LC-1 wideband tomorrow but at this point we are not too interested in spending much time on the tuning. If we decide to use this motor we will convert to fuel injection and run it on a MoTeC M400. This is mainly feasibility testing.


What determines if its feasible or not? It's a reliable motor for sure but can produce more power with little work...

Would you keep the gearbox stock?

Do you have a picture of the car?

Are you going to part out that bike?:thumbsup:

We have to run the motor restricted, so we are going to dyno test the motor restricted tomorrow to see how it affects it. With this we need to determine if we can produce enough torque to be competitive. In competition you are limited to 600 cc and it has to be a four stroke. Our goal is to decrease overall weight and improve our handling. We believe that this motor will produce enough power with the weight decrease to keep us competitive and produce a better handling car. If we do decide to run this motor in our car we will be parting out the rest of the bike. Here are some pictures of the 2008 car, the 2009 car is currently being built and this motor would be for the 2010 car.



The 2008 car ran a turbo CBR600.


There's a few aussie SAE cars beginning to run aprilia rxv550 engines, do you know of anyone in the atates having any luck with these ?

Being engineers I'm sure you'll figure out the power to wieght ratio but I'd be very suprised if a single could be competitive with an inline 4. I know the engine is lighter but it takes a lot of weight to makeup for 40 HP. I don't know what the rules are for your car but you'd have to do forced induction to get the horsepower to be competitive. Maybe a KTM 525 with a 575 bore kit would be a better option.

Can you use a turbo?

Yes a turbo is a possibility although we will not be running one. You really have to examine more than just the so called "power to weight ratio" this is only a fraction of the whole equation. This is mainly for acceleration on straight aways, but typically about 20% or less of our time is spent just accelerating. Even still, just last year RMIT ran this exact motor and actually won the acceleration event, competing against turbo 4 cylinder motors. These cars in competition see about 50 mph max on the course. With the weight reduction we can focus more on building a better handling car that will retain the low end torque for accelerating through and out of corners. Also by rules all motors have to be run restricted. It is a 20 mm restrictor for gasoline and 19 mm for E85.


Real Nice car and no doubt you will have it figured out. I hope you use the bike because I would like to buy the seat cheap? Put me on the list for the seat just in case.

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