not running correctly... suggestions?

I posted this in the TTR forum but someone told me to post here because I would get more replies.


My dad was riding my ttr and I was riding my xr one day but later on in the day the ttr started running bad. It runs fine if you keep it under 1/5th throttle but once you start getting the rpm's up it dies. We thought it might have been the plug so we put a new one in. Didn't help.

Any suggestions on what the problem could be?


Did that pesky grey wire hook itself back up again? Sorry, couldn’t resist. :)

How about checking the gas tank and float bowl for crud? Wait until the bike cools down then pull the gas line off the carburetor to check for any obstructions in the fuel line or the bottom of the gas tank.

Then drop the float bowl of the carburetor to check for crud of some sort.

Good luck.

If it idles and runs up to a 1/4 throttle, it sounds like the main jet is plugged. Pull the carb off and clean it real well and try again!

Good luck


I would check the carb. first,if you find dirt,disassemble the entire carb and clean,clean,clean.Don't forget to check the air filter and clean,clean,clean.Did I forget to say CLEAN??? :D:):D:D

OK thanks

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