Thoughts About Wr 450's

So Last Night I Posted A Thread Entitled "massive Motor Failure" And I Have Spent A Decent Amount Of Time On The Phone And Internet Today And Found Out That In My Year And Model It Is Actually A Common Thing To Happen For Whatever Reason.

Mine Was Just Exceptionally Bad So I Have Made The Decision To Part It Out And Invest In A Newer Bike.

I Loved My Yamaha So I Am Sticking With Yamaha!!

Give Me Some Of The Skinny That I Should Be Looking At While In The Buying Process These Days.

The three lighter intake valves are easier to control than 2 bigger ones. There is a reason Yamaha stays with that motor. It's a trooper. I like my 07 aluminum frame, but it has less room to get to the carb VS the steel round tube frames like yours. I have seat time on an '02, '05 and '07 and I think the stock suspension has come a very long way by '07. I am very happy with the GYTR AIS eliminator kit. I don't think you have air injection, but am not sure. I am sure the GYTR kit was under $50 from my dealer and jetting is very very good. As far back in there as that carb is, better to have someone get it right without too much fuss. There is a sticky for free mods that are mandatory. Most guys say to re-grease everything, steering tube, axles and swing arms. I think the stock seat is too firm and really like the Guts racing seat I got. They could get military secrets out of me by making me ride the stock seat. Other than that, I can't find too many folks to say anything bad about Yamahas. The don't seem to have trend weaknesses in reliability. At least after the famous woodruf key issue. I'm sure you'll be happy. Good luck.

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