Moose Racing Fuel Screw Made By Zip Ty

Well i just bought a blue one for my 426, and for quality I would give it 100/100. Unlike most screws it came with a washer, oring, and a spring that is way stiffer than stock to keep from backing out for only $25. The anodizing looks cool and the knob is knurled for grip with laser etched mixture numbers. Haven't got to ride with it yet, waiting for the snow to melt up in the park, so I can tune the screw and ride the crap out of it to make sure it wont fall out. Which by the feel of the spring it wont. Comes in blue Black, red, green, and orange I would highly recommend this product.

That's what I use, you'll like it.

That's what I use, you'll like it.

awesome, when looking through catalogs it looked like the best out of the bunch. glad to see someone else has tried it and are happy with it.

Same here. Nice part.

i just ordered one looks like a nice part i still have the stock one in mine should have it in a couple of days

I have a zip-ty fuel screw that I bought years ago and it has never failed me. It never backs out and is always easy to turn. Now only if I had smaller fingers it might be even easier.

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