The Harley image......... Tough guys....

Have you ever noticed that most of the guys riding Harleys these days try to look really tough? I know many of you guys ride them but Im just generalizing. What is so tough about riding a bike on the street. How hard is it?

It drives me crazy when they get like 6 inches from my left side mirror. How many of those guys really know how to ride? I would love to see some of them try to ride an East coast Hare Scramble or a muddy race in Europe on a dirt bike. Know what I mean??

I think this guys pretty tough...


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Dan, I think you are mistaking the tough look for guys that are actually angry. I mean, wouldn't you be angry if you spent $25-30,000+ on a motorcycle that doesn't go fast, handle good or stop? My $.02, Eric

Yeah, I get angry! Especially when I sell my Harleys for 300 to 400 more than I paid for them with 27,000 miles and 2 years on them. :) I smile all the way to the dealer! All HD riders aren't like that. I have been riding Hogs since '86 and most of the guys I know are just fun loving beer drinking people. It has only been since '93 that every doctor and lawyer wants to relive their youth and buy a HD. I used to race hare scrambles but my body won't take it anymore. I just ride dirt to sort of stay in shape and to have fun just like riding my hog. I don't blame people for getting po'd at these wanna be bikers that have no clue how to ride. I run into them at every rally and they have no clue how stupid they look. It's like looking at walking billboards for HD.

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What edareus doesn't mention about the "awesome" re-sale value of Harleys is the fact that no-one counts the 5 to 7 thousand dollars worth of chrome garbage, windshields, bags, pipes etc.that they've added on to the road pig. So that $400 "profit" is actually a $6000 hit. Even I would want to get some mileage out of the tough guy image for that kind of dough.


You are right. We know who the real tough guys are. It takes all kinds to ride both street and dirt, but I think the dirt guys are mostly pretty gnarly compared to the general public.


Not only do they end up with thousands of dollars of chrome and accessories, but you have to add up all the time they've spent in the shop getting worked on-how much are they losing after they pay to actually make it run???

I've got 40.000 of them decending on my neighborhood as we speak....Just my luck The Harley Davidson anniversary is being held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway just down the road...I'm leaving my sportster in the storage room this weekend and going to Alabama to dirt ride....

Man Traffic is gonna suck bad, starting this afternoon...

Bonzai :)

What Pete Z does mention makes sense but besides the regular maintenance, I didn't have a lot of extras on my bike. Can't say that about the '76 sporty that I had though. Glad I was run off of the road and the insurance totalled that one! I can see the over spending happening on every bike line. But when you look at all of the performance mods on these crouch rockets and then resale sucks on them I can't see much of a difference. Dan I totally agree with you. The dirt is a lot tougher than the HD riders. This was not a HD verses Japanese debate. We all ride two wheels and that's all that matters. If you hate me because I ride HD then like me cause I ride a Yammy thumper!

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Hey I can vouch for Edareus, he looks just as angry when he's on his YZ. By the way, when are we going riding again? Email me at home.

Anyone that rides is O.K. by me - street or dirt. Riding on the street is way more dangerous than off-road, so you could say that it is tough, but in a different way. Really when you think about it, operating any performance vehicle at or near 10 - 10ths is tough!

I do take some exception to the "I ride a Harley because it's a good investment" mantra. I own and ride the bikes that I have because I like them, and they work for me. I don't feel that I need any more justification than that. Plus the whole Harley image thing is just blown so way out of proportion that it makes me ill. For the record - I like Harleys just fine. They do have a certian appeal that is hard to describe, you really do just have to ride one and see for yourself. Mind you, I don't think that I'll be buying one any time soon either.

Peace Eh P.Z.

Wanna be's have been around since about the 20th motorcycle was manufactured. As an enthusiast, like 99% of all riders, what you ride is really not important, except to that individual. Personally I cannot understand why so many folks want to look the same and ride one brand. To each his/her own I guess. Some of us are just a couple of steps farther down the "different" road than others.

How about listening to the Iron Butt guys. They claim they are the world's toughest riders. Would love to see them on a dirt bike for a H&H or enduro, hare scrambles, etc. :)

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Dont forget Harley riders (of course not all of them!) and their mullets! Does that come with the bike or is that what happens when you ride without a helmet?

In seriousness, all ive ever had is a dirt bike. This winter im gonna start building a street bike, though. I will not, however, EVER cut my hair into a mullet or think that im tough just because I ride it! (that is, if it ever gets done!)

They are all on two wheels, the whole harley trike deal is a whole different thread!

Keep on ridin. We all got bikes to have fun, no matter where we ride them.

I think that it's a little ironic that they spend $20K + for the bike then get their tattos, Harley underwear,watches, pudding bowl Nazi boy lid with stickers, wallet chain, goatee, etc., etc., etc. then look absolutely MISERABLE doing an activity that they supposedly enjoy. :D Not to metion after going through all of that effort, they ride to a bar on a beautiful sunny day and sit inside to talk about riding. :):D I guess that they are right. I'll never understand it and please don't try to explain it to me. Let's just ride!

There IS a bad a$$ attitude that some people who own Harleys have. I’m not saying Harley bikes are junk, on the contrary I think a Harley Davidson motorcycles are fine machines with an awesome sound all there own. But if we all drove Harleys it would be a pretty dull sport! Same with BMW, or YAMAHA.

One sure way to deflate a Harley rider’s ego is to blow him away with a Vmax! :D:D:D NOW THAT’S FUN!!! :D:D:)

Why is it when I'm on my street bike, other street bikers and even dirt bikers wave to me. But NEVER do Harley riders wave to me.

I grew up in Grand Lake Colorado. Back then, Harley riders were bad asses that would just as soon beat you to a pulp than look at you. They shot people, broke car windows and just plain raised hell. So when I see some Yuppie on a Harley that OBVIOSLY has no motorcycle skills riding around trying to look like a bad ass, it certainly rubs me the wrong way.

What's even a bigger joke is that there is a Harley dealership in Highlands Ranch Co. These people go buy their bikes, some over 20k, then take lessons on Buel's at a school near my house so they can learn to ride. So many of these guys and gals on loud bikes that are WAY heavy and handle like crap, DON'T KNOW HOW TO RIDE A MOTORCYCLE! I've seen three Harley's dumped by obviously inexperienced riders this summer.

Man, I love to vent on this forum!




You hit the nail on the head! I know a few seriously tough guys that ride Harleys, but those guys are a small percentage of today's HD riders. I also know some yuppie HD riders, and I just have to chuckle a little. I can't think of ANY guys riding dirt bikes that are weenies, though.


From an ex-hardcore want to know if it a RUB or a biker. Most bikers were like me vets have seen extensive combat don't talk much (Christianity changed me).Ride a pan or shovel can rebulid it in the dark, don't even know what a manual is. Wouldn't use it but for toilet paper anyhow. They built their own bike. That's a man you take seriously. Not that he'll bother you, lives kind of off to himself. Thank you God and Becky for getting me out of that life. oldasdirt

Well, all this HD talk is making me want to go for a ride on my new HD V-Rod. Yeah, its 115 hp motor and ultra rigid chassis is pretty low tech and unreliable but what the hell, I look pretty bad ass riding it. I buy a new HD every year and it has never cost me a PENNY in depreciation to own one. I had a Japanese cruiser before I could afford to buy a HD and it cost $2K to ride it for the summer! I will stick to HDs until that changes.

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V-Rod. Nice bike, but they were going locally for 8k over suggested retail. That 8k paid for my new Berg and had some money leftover. Let me see...could have bought a HD that has limited fuel range (but if you are only riding from tavern to tavern....)and done without a new dirt bike. No decision here to be made. And padding a dealer s pocket for pure greed...not with my money.

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