The Harley image......... Tough guys....

Originally posted by ScottyR:

Well, all this HD talk is making me want to go for a ride on my new HD V-Rod.

I'de ride the V-Rod :):D:D

Ride my '92 FXR daily and on trips now and then. Little woman's always ready to go.


Or the Buell (When it's running) LOL Has good low end grunt.


Then there's the WR. I love that bike.



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My biggest complaint is the "here look at me" loud pipes alot of the HD riders have. Its a bad deal for everybody that rides bikes. Noise is a prime complaint with the general public, and can lead to us losing our (dirt) riding areas.

Loud pipes save lives? I don't buy it. Some irate soccer mom in a Ford Excursion will probably run em over.

Originally posted by Bryan:

Man, I love to vent on this forum!



That's what this forum is all about Bry.. How did you find out about TT anyway? :D Im so damn funny!!

How about the sticker on the helmet "I wear this helmet under protest" Whew, that's tough.... I guess the guys that have those stickers wouldn't feel their heads hitting the asphalt. I personal don't think not wearing a helmet is about "freedom".

Don't get me wrong on this post. I love Harleys. They're very American. Big and loud! Taffy always said that us Americans think bigger is better. He's probably right. I would love to cruise the beach on a warm summer afternoon on a hog, I just don't think that I would try to look mean doing it..

Dan :D


I don't think not wearing a helmet is about freedom. I think being told you have to wear a helmet is about freedom. There are things I like to do and regularly do them. But I chafe at being told that I have to do something as much as I do being told I can't do something. Just another way the government is expanding at our expense.

Live free, helmet or not, to whatever extent the government lets you. Then see how free that really is.

Good luck,


I live in Hollister, and I cant stand the metamorphisis that happens to people when it comes to that weekend

Dan is correct, the mystuiqe of the harley is a bad boy outlaw type. But for the masses they have no clue as to the real world of the real original outlaw biker is and how it started.

It started in After WWII when X fighter jocks found themselfs without country alone and bored. They started buyng indians and harleys and started clubs, Good clubs. Walla the outlaw bker was pegged in the Hollister Gypsie tour of fifty somethng by the media.

Since then Hollywood created the stigma that has stuck since.

Now you have wannB mis fits that have no clue and bring there wife and kids to rallies like sturges, daytona and hollsister. They think its a Family event, they think its cool, its not,

I had to explain to my daughter why two freaking idiots were pissing on a wall in the main drag @ 3Pm, I had to explain to her why two guys were holding the third guys Beard and head up so the puke that was spuing out of his face would n t get tangled in his beard @ 11am.

Ya thats what its all about, a bad boy stupid A%^ image that no one knows a thng about.

Sorry Dan Ya hit a sore spot. I call them Harley WannB, ScumBag, Yuppie, Cell Phone Tottem, Scank on the back riden, Berkinstock wearing, FREAKS

Plus my neighbors and I went down to Montaray on Friday Night during the Supperbike race at Laguna Seca, Now that is a rally, good people frm all over in normal cloths on exotic bikes that one normally never sees.

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Just gimme a '72 Triumph Bonneville or an old Norton Commando and I'm happy as a clam.


You got that Dan nothing like British Iron...

V-Rod. Nice bike, but they were going locally for 8k over suggested retail. That 8k paid for my new Berg and had some money leftover. Let me see...could have bought a HD that has limited fuel range (but if you are only riding from tavern to tavern....)and done without a new dirt bike. No decision here to be made. And padding a dealer s pocket for pure greed...not with my money

Yes, I admit I paid full MSRP for mine but not a penny over list for it. It is against the law in Ontario, Canada to charge over MSRP. Actually, up here you can get a discount on certain new HD models up here. My dad just bought a new 02 Electra Glide and got $1500 off MSRP.

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"You got that Dan nothing like British Iron..."

Oil leaks and all! :) Come to think of it, if you could route that oil to the chain, you would have a continiously lubed chain! :D:D:D

A friend of my Dad's, hes been riding Harley's all his life. He hates Japanese. bikes, never rode one in his entire life, until I let him (actually MADE him) try out my KDX.

Nothing difficult, just a little straightaway and a turn around.

Now, first of all, just this guy sitting on the bike was quite the entertainment. Sittin just about as far back as the seat goes, tryin to ride it like a harley. I said, move up on the seat there, big guy.

He did, then started out. He wasn't used to the body position or something, cuz he gave it full throttle and went over a huge stump. Didn't have the brains to stand up, so up and over the bars he went.

Then he left practically crying on his Harly. :)

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Scotty Where are you in Ontario Canada?


Its obviuos you have no clue about British bikes and what makes them so great....................

Geez I am sorounded by hoplessness


Bamster, I am from S.Ont near Stratford. I bought my V-Rod at Cycle World in Toronto.

The greatest thing about that old British iron has got to be those Lucas electrics!

Lucas - Prince of Darkness.................


Peace Eh - P.Z.

Now in a whole new lifestyle man you should see and hear the shi^ I get for my old Wing. Could care less! Give them cold water plan for Salvation is on the cup they throw it away that's their problem. I did my part. As burned would say.

Peace & chicken grease. oldasdirt :):D:D


HUH :)

oldasdirt - Yeah, what E.G.O. said, but the Canadian version;

EH? :)

Ya what Pete Z said but in Homer

Doh! :)

Is see all the rage over todays Harley's and all that I can think to myself is how the bottom fell out of the Beanie Baby market.



hmmmm.......everytime i look at my air compressor i'm reminded of harley davidson . maybe i should chrome the tank . :)

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