The Harley image......... Tough guys....

I have to agree with you guys about the "toughness" of HD riders vs. the off-road rider. I have never met a wimpy dirtbiker, i have heard stories. My father told me that back when he had his KTM 250SX in the 80's that there was a guy who would ride with him, on CR 500. The stories i've heard go like this:

he would never really RIDE, just watch everyone else. He really couldn't ride, because all that big bike did was spin the tire on him, and it was always bald because he was afraid to replace it and get some traction. So he just rode out to the pits, and sat, and watched.


I think EGO missed your point...

If you can lose the Lucas stuff, the old Brit iron is fantastic. How did Lucas stay in business, anyway??? Were they the first ones to become a British Gov't enterprise?


Guys, as everyone knows there a tough people and tough looking people everywhere. For people who think that riding a dirtbike is harder or tougher then riding a bike on the street think about the fact when you crash on a dirtbike you sometimes get hurt. When you crash on the street you almost always get hurt or worst. I love both. Dirt or street I have to have my daily fix on two wheels. Harleys are great!!!! If you get the chance to ride a Buell HOP ON (the power and handling feels like a dirtbike). Cant we all just get along?

Oldasdirt....Amen Brother....But ya gotta speak worldly round here if ya expect the furnace fuel to understand....

Gotta a great friend whose a Chaplain with local crew, riding his flying fortress that gets the same ragging all the time.

Bonzai :)

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