Piston change in a 08 YZ450?

Hi guys, this was the first year racing the 4 banger and i think i'd say i got about 70-100 hours. On my 2 stroke i'd replace the piston every so couple of races but i dont know if its worth changing this piston? It runs strong still, i dont feel i've lost power, but usually a piston change especially after a race season is considered. What are your suggestions, i also havent thought of what piston to change with if i was to change it. Maybe a JE Piston? Always ran Wiesco in the 2 stroke and it was flawless, but heard lots of people complain about them. Also, what are the steps or rather what should i look out for when changing the piston in the 450?


Better replace it to be on a safe side, also replace the cam chain. I am using CP 13:1 piston, but what I have read JE is also an excellent choice.

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