pre race prep horror story....

......cleaned the whole bike like its new (I wish)

took off the swingarm & greased & lubed all pivots

new spark plug, greased the kick start, greased the chain rollers & brake lever, new air filter, new oil, clutch oil, brake pads, new tyre etc......etc..... reassemble everything


whats that???? lift foot & see bushing...identify it as one half of what fits in between rear suspension and the pivot/relay arm for rear swing harm done (phew)

undo it....yup thats it.... fit it, reassemble and torque it down and STRIP THE &%*çING THREAD IN THE RELAY ARM. :):D:D:D

All the other swing-arm pivot bolts have torque ratings above the max of my torque wrench and because I wasn't paying attention I just heaved on the wrench as I had with the other bolts, even though my torque wrench would have worked for this one. DOH.

My solution will be to use a longer bolt so I can just get a nut on the other end. There should be just enough room for the nut to pass in the gap between the relay arms as the suspension works.

Has anyone else done this and had good/bad results?

I have no option, if I want to do my race I have to do this.


I did the same thing. New linkage cost over $150 with new seals & bearing.

Find a machine shop and have them put in a Helicoil.

You can probably do it yourself if you have a drill press.

What hsstar said. Helicoil it and you will be fine.

BTW: While we are on the subject can anyone explain to me what the difference between a helicoil and a time-cert is?

I have only used a helicoil.

Heli-coil is just as it sounds, a coil of wire. A Time-cert is an actual insert. Think of a Time-Cert as a bushing instead of the timeless Heli-coil of old. helicoils available in Switzerland so my home made mod consisted of cutting down a bolt with the thread only halfway down the shaft (for the bushing to sit on). The bolt stuck out just enough to get a nut on the end (self locking nut which I ground down about 1.5 mm) I put a goop of blue locktite on there tightened it up to the 53 Nm (I know NOW) and prayed it would work.

First contact between the bolt and the linkage - there's not too much room down there. It didn't undo itself either during the race.

I'll keep a very close eye on it but for now it sure beats shelling out big bucks for a linkage arm.

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