My new wr450 runs like crap!

Rode my new 450 yesterday It was fine in the dealers parking lot, but with just 2 miles on it it started running like it had fouled a plug( popping, wouldn't run out,needed choke to idle etc) pulled plug out it was almost white, what gives? Dealer is closed till TUes.

Hey man, sounds like your WAY lean...........have you checked to see what jetting setup your bike came with?? Let us know, we should be able to direct you in the right direction.........Wow, that's redundant.


Dodger :):D

I wonder if you have bad gas or a clogged carb jet.

You guys been living in a cave without a computer? thats all we have talked about for the last two weeks. Check out several pages in this WE450 section it will cover what jetting we have done. You have to rejet thay are too lean.

Nope, the bike is hopeless. That's how they run. I'll do you a favor and buy it off you for, say, $1000. :)

Bidding war starts now----- $1005--- and I'll even come pick it up

I'll give you $1,500.00 plus my old boots

I agree with Breezer, check your gas first. It is true that the Yamaha's come jetted for sea level, but this doesn't cause extreme symptoms like you discussed. Secondly, I wouldn't imagine that you would see lean or rich changes to a plug in 2 miles of use.


Check the woodruff key on the flywheel has not sheered. I have a post titled jetting & timing problem solved wich will give you some jetting ideas. My bike was running just as you descibed yours and no amount of jetting was working until I found the woodruff key problem.

Flamed by newbies with nothing to say some things never change. A big thanks to utvols for real advice.By the way what kind of old boots?

checking key tomorrow will keep you posted

dealer is still checking

still checking feb 8 dealer spoke to YAMAHA tech they said it was the low speed jet nothing else they are sending jet. ya maybe pigs fly. had my bike a week has 6 miles on it.Wonder if I can get my drz back? I am sure that this will all be sorted out by summer.stay tuned :)

Rocky- I know the feeling. I picked my new bike up yesterday, and today it runs like crap to. Like yours it doesn't want idle without the choke, at least until its good and warm. It stumbles and misses at low throttle openings. It wont even start with the e-start. I haven't checked my plug, but yours must be whiter than a klan meeting, because mine's doing this at 6500 feet of elevation.

-What I'm trying to say is calm down, I think they are right about the pilot jet. Tell them to put in a bigger main (#160 seems to be what people here are running, the bike comes stock with a #150) while they're in there. While it could be the woodruf key, its easy to blow these things out of porportion. The internet is a great wall to bang your head on when things go wrong. I'm not saying its not good sound information, just remember that you rarely hear from the other 99% out there who's bikes run fine. I've owned a Buell :) for 3 years' and it's been a good bike. Spend some time on the net, and you would think it's the last one left that runs. OK, so maybe it is. :D

-Anyway,I turned my fuel screw to 2 1/2 out and it cleaned things up quite a bit. I ordered a #48 pilot today, and will put in a #155 main while I'm in there.

Is there anyone out there with one of these bikes at altitude? What jetting are you running? My rides vary from about 4,500' all the way up to 13,000'.

Lipskid, and others..

Just word of advice from a fellow thumper from 6K feet and in Colorado.

DITCH the pump gas. The oxy fuel we have to run here in the winter will produce random results in jetting. My '01 426 fouls plugs like mad if I don't run race gas in the winter. It's jetted correctly, but won't run on oxy fuel. 2 other guys I work with have had exactly the same results. Don't spend a lot of time trying to get the jetting dialed with the oxy fuel. It's a waste of time. Trust me, I wasted a lot of time.

As far as the same bike, I have a friend here in COS who's had trouble with his WR450 and I made the same suggestion to him. He's a ex AA rider and current Vet A rider. He knows bikes. You're not alone.


Don't spend a lot of time trying to get the jetting dialed with the oxy fuel.


The thing w/ race fuel is it's CONSISTANCY (specification) stays the SAME.

With pump fuel, the consistancy varies greatly, even from the same station. The possible exception MAY be Sunoco's Ultra 94.

I'm sorry to hear that, Mine runs great It just takes for ever to start it w/ the e-start. It kicks over easy.

Ditto Merf, I too learned the hard way with my finicky 250 about oxy fuel here at 6000+. I now go out of the county or to the reservation for the no oxy/methanol fuel. 92 octane and sometimes add octane boost. The race fuel is to spendy for my talent level, or lack off. :)

still checking2/10/03

I talked with my dealer and they said only change the pilot. They recomended a 50 pilot. I wish it was that simple, but it should not be to bad. The guys out west that are riding will have it dialed pretty close for us soon. Actually it sounds like they do. ---Mike

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