My new wr450 runs like crap!

-Went for the first ride yesterday. Bike really ran BAD at around 1/4 trottle. Missing and stumbling a LOT. Really frustrating. Also still seemed lean even with #50pj intalled (it was VERY cold out though). I talked to the shop this morning about bringing back so the could get it sorted for me.

Anyway, I decided to try something tonight before I took it in tommorrow. I pulled the GREY WIRE! WooHoo! She runs smoother than Penelope Cruz.

Many Garcia's, guys. I had read here that it would make the bike run a little better, but it tranformed mine from unacceptable. Thanks again! :)

2/11/03 still checking I think dealer maybe the one that is stalling now

picked up my wr450 today turns out the air/fuel screw had fallen out and was missing. Asked dealer to install 160 main 48 pilot he put in a 52 pilot so it runs fat on low end. But it RUNS good on top end easy fix though.


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