shock does not return when I push down on the seat

[/sigh it was my bad, oh well what can ya do, my apologies..QUOTE]

No biggie, we've all been there. My brain farts are usually alcohol related.

I would say our boy's rear linkage and swingarm bearings are toast.

lol! thanks guys!

so: before the rebuild it did this exact thing once before, and it was a cold day, i rode it anyway and it loosened up, so i figured it was the temp. It dident do that again untill now.

This would be typical, the first time it happened you were able to bust it loose by riding... in the time you had the shock out and were not riding the bike the needle bearings have had time to rust, etc...

Go ahead and order up a set of lingage and swing arm bearings... not OEM as it will cost a fortune but use pivot works or moose or allballs... if you don't have manual I would suggest looking for one or downloading one.. (this would have shown you how to replace the spring correctly... trust me, I almost did the same thing once:bonk:) anyway, the manual will show you how to replace the bearings... that lower bearing on the knuckle is the one that gets the worse and if it's at this stage of failure like KJ said, it's going to be a pain in the a**... just use patience and don't destroy the knuckle.

Zared.... no worries, so many times I have been convinced that I know what I'm talking about in this forum only to be humbled and educated at the same time.... I didn't mean to slander and I don't like arguing, this forum can be funny, helpful, frustrating and comforting all at the same time... I love it:thumbsup:

my bad though forreal didn't mean to mislead him or argue with anybody. Thanks for understanding though..

Well guys, i loosened up the linkage bolts and it stopped doing it, and returned like normal. SO, I removed the shock and all the linkages and swingarm to find that the small linkage that connects to the swingarm was caked with rust in the needlebearings and wouldent move at all! My swingarm bearings were great, but i will regrease them. I ordered a linkage rebuild kit coming from TT!

SOO...I really want to thank you guys VERY VERY much for helping me here find the problem, and not wasting time and money, not to mention looking like an idiot sending the shock back out!

Glad you found the problem, I ride alot of wet terrain and water crossings so I regrease the linkage and swingarm 3-4 times per riding season. Overboard maybe , but I don't have suspension bearing problems. :thumbsup::p WR Dave

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