Engine oil drainage hole

Hi... can anybody advise me on how to fix my engine oil drainage hole... It can't be tighten anymore... I guess the thread is gone.

If I were to drill a bigger hole and change a bigger size screw, will it work?

heli coil

I 2nd the helicoil idea.........

Actually a tymecert would be a better option as it will replace the current thread size & will be a permanent fix...

The same thing happened to me a while back. The time cert is the only way to go. A mechanic only charged me 10 bucks to put one in. The time cert is solid threads where the helicoil is not and can break and get inside your enine. I have had good luck with mine. Make sure to keep your hole plugged though. you dont want moisture getting in there and what not. But dont try putting in a self tapper. what if you split your case. that would suck.


I just used helicoil on mine. The only problem there is a slow oil leak. If you use heli coil I would put either lock tite or silicone on it so it will seal better.

What is a helicoil and tymecert?? Where can I get it and what is the correct way to use them?

auto machine shop or even a mechanically inclined bike shop.

A time cert (also known as a brand name Keen Cert) is a threaded sleeve with threads on the inside and outside. So your oil drain hole is tapped oversize, the time cert is putin and some pins that are made in it are staked in to permanently lock it in place. And that's it!! No leaks and even tougher than stock as the threads are now steel. In fact some aircraft applications use them from the factory in new production - not as a repair. The helicoil is just that - a repair. It is a coiled spring that is threaded into an oversize threaded hole. A little locktite and it too would be OK but, it is not as good as the time cert approach.

a heli coil in the sparkplug hole broke in my boatmotor and scored the piston all to hell. I dont like them.


a shop selling screws near ahboy shop sells them,

a machine shop near ahseng can do the repairs for u.

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