Tim Ferry on a 2-stroke?

Does anyone know why Tim Ferry raced a 2-stroke at the Anaheim supercross on saturday?

Dirt Bike magazine stated he was having some carb issues at very bad times,causing several crashes and near misses on jumps.

He's supposed to be back on the Thumper next race.


I believe that Ferry made the decision to ride the 2 stroke for the rest of the Supercross Series. He will probably revisit the YZF for the outdoor nationals.

Really makes you wonder why. I’m guessing for the average guy “4 strokes” are the way to go, but maybe at their level the two strokes are more comfortable and easier to ride aggressively. Look at Henry, every year he comes out to do his single race, he races the two stroke. I thought after Henry won the national championship on his YZF two strokes would have faded by now, but they keep coming back stronger and stronger

Ferry felt he could do better on a lighter YZ250 on the tight supercross tracks and proved it by going 1 sec a lap faster at the Yamaha test track. But with his poor showing at the race I wonder if he will switch back.

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