2008 Yz450f White

So.. finding a graphics kit for the white 450F seems to be an issue.

Anyone recommend a good kit or dealer for them? Stock is blah.. Lookin for something.

Check out www.throttlejockey.com they have a good looking red/white/black kit for the white bike.

So.. finding a graphics kit for the white 450F seems to be an issue.

Anyone recommend a good kit or dealer for them? Stock is blah.. Lookin for something.

The best ones are Dirt Digits in my opinion. I have them and they look great, They are affordable, and they are of great quality. Hope this helps. Wes

Thanks for the replies.

My friend, Rhino Designs, does full custom kits and the quality is freakin amazing! If you are interested i will get you his number. he is out of Wyoming.

I'm having the same problem finding something I like for my white yz450f. The one I'm leaning towards right now is the white YOT graphics, but I think it might kinda be a required taste for it...


Get a custom Kit that way you get what you want and dont look like half the other guys out there

Thethrle Jockey shroud kkit looks good. I think some well executed backgrounds from Decal Works sets off anything though. But im the type of guy who doesn't like excessive adornment unless they are kickin' in. (i dont like decals unless they either represent a sponsor, or a product i really believe in - like my small Dr D decals)

The problem with complicated graphics packages is that -- its a dirt bike and is going to be crashed and thrashed at some point --- if you roach a shroud , you dont need complicated or pricey graphics.

The throttle Jockey shroud kit looks simple --- combine with the DW kit (the options from Decal Works are endless) and you'll have a winner that is all you

Mine, for instance is GYT-R (Yamaha's house brand) shroud graphics along with DW's backgrounds. I left off the airbox decals because they peel and look like doo-doo in short order. Basic, tasteful(to me) and i can replace any of it cheaply in the event of some crash damage


I would say look around and find someone local to do them. This is what I run on my bikes.. Looks not to bad and they are cheap to replace.


almost looks as if our bikes popped out of the same litter and were separated at birth

lol you never know the second bike in the back was one of the first LE bikes in Canada back in 07!


GYTR yamaha dealer $65.00

I found a guy here that willdo it on your computer just the way you want.

He gets a little info from you and then brings it up on your computer so you can make any change you want, ( change tint change color's back and forth Move stuff arround EXC.)

He uses (go to meeting) It's cool.

you can sit in your underware at home.

takes about an hour some times.

You should make a ruff draft and then call him.

Then if you damage one of them all you have to do is order one, not anouther whole set.

Now the bad part is he charges 189.00 for a full kit numbers sponcers and everything. He also has a one time setup fee of 75.00.

Here is the link: http://xtremedupree.com/

the one i like the most though is the white nick wey kit, looks badass...even though it was orignally made for hte honda u could easily have hte company make it made for hte yamaha...i had something simliarly done for my yellow 250f (ampd mobile kit though for me)

Even just black seat cover helps that 2 tone grey and black is awful

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