Long street rides

I wanted to ask those who have streetable YZ's, what's the longest seat time on the street in any one sitting anybody has?

Reason I'm asking is that I'm definitely going to end up in situations where I might have to either ride 15-20 miles at highway speeds to or from some riding areas or end up using the trailer. Since I'd rather ride I was concerned with stuff like cooling problems or anything anyone may have to suggest might go wrong that I could pre-plan for. I'm on the up side of reassembly and am looking for problems to solve before they happen. I've already read about the gearing and tire choice. Anything else? :thumbsup:

Cooling won't be a problem unless you have to sit at traffic lights a lot. The problem is more a matter of gearing, and the amount of "mileage" you put on the piston running it at high speeds for a long time.

This last weekend, my son and I rode 35 miles out from the staging spot to lunch across the open desert. We took a power line access road most of the way back, and ran at 55 mph or so most of the time with nothing even resembling a problem.

I have a 98 400 and I have been putting together 100+ mile rides with about 20 miles of dirt in the middle. Knock on wood, I haven't had any problems yet. I know these bikes aren't designed for a lot of long distance highway riding, but I don't think the 15-20 miles you are talking about is much of a concern.

My fingers tingle after about 5 miles at 50 mph or so not to mention my tail bone.

Thanks guys. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. I'm not talking about interstate riding but 35-50 mph two lane roads of local traffic-ed blacktop before a day in the woods and then back.

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