Relocated 450 on/off switch

Has anybody moved the on/off switch yet? I run a front number plate and YZ rear fender for hare scrambles. I have removed the stock odometer and am thinking I will put the switch up,mounted off the handle bar clamp. I run a ICO computer on the cross bar when I run enduros so I want to see where it would be best for every thing. Has anybody put on a front number plate yet? I have some extra ft.plastic and might just run a WR front plate with no light...

I was looking at the switch. I think I'm going to try to remove the switch from the bracket and try to get a bracket that will mount the switch on the handlebar.

I think to mount it on the handlebar clamp that a "flat" bracket would be required, unless you want the switch to be sideways.

I am also wanting to put a number plate on the front.

Any other ideas?

Either one of you guys looked at using the handlebar bracket from the light switch? I haven't compared them but thought it might be a close fit. Just a thought.

Here is where I put my light key. Just a did :)

web page

That just gave me an idea. I have the triple clamp style mounts for my bars. I think I could mount the on/off switch with a flat plate mount on the bark buster mount. The switch would face the rider.

Thanks for the pic. I'll have to try it.

I did it already... I mounted it on the left side top-clamp pinch bolt (just one for now) I'll try to take a photo in the next couple of days... I've got the YZ plate on already, infact, I havn't even ridden the bike with the lights yet...



I went to that link but images are not working :)


Not sure, but you may have to sign up to see the pic,s. Its a cool site.

Sabin gave me the idea. I got mine mounted on the Triple clamp mount for my aluminum hand guards. I made a bracket by tracing the existing bracket onto a piece of sheet metal and making it a little longer. The longer piece has a single hole to mount between the TC mount and the bark buster. The switch is right behind the bark buster so it is really protected from harm.

I don't have a digital camera but I do have a scanner. I took pictures of the switch with the bracket that I made on it.

Bottom pic

Top pic

The switch will mount on either side by removing the bracket and reversing it from the switch. I'm thinking of moving to the left side.


Did you do anything with the bracket that has 4 wiring connectors on it?

I was thinking that might make a nice place to put a bolt mount for the number plate.

Did you do anything with the bracket that has 4 wiring connectors on it?

Great question JV, One side is still attached but the other side goes to nowhere... I'm just going to zip-ty it to somewhere, it's only a little piece to hold the connectors in one area.

I'm going out to my car (in the rain) to get my digital camera and take some photos of my mod, then I'll post them.

Give me a Few minutes...



Thanks for the pics. That certainly explains it.

For me, with the tight trees that I race here, I'm nervous about the on/off switch getting damaged there. I'm happy mounting it behind my barkbuster for protection.

I got rid of the clutch switch from the perch and pulled the two wires out of the connector (on the four connector block) and taped them together so that the starter will activate no matter what. I don't think I need a clutch switch for the starter. What do you think?

Also, I notice that you still have the wiring for the lights tucked behind your number plate. The wiring harness for the lights removes very cleanly if you remove the gas tank and disconnect the connector there.

I see you have the scotts? top triple clamp so it doesn't have the WR mount points. I was wondering if the bracket was required for the 4 connectors (3 in my case)? On my old YZ the kill switch didn't have a connector, it just went direct to under the tank. Why couldn't the connectors be removed from the bracket and perhaps taped to add some protection/strength? The wires could just go through to under the tank where they originate. Any reason that wouldn't work? Or do you think that the bracket is required for longevity? hmmmm......

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